@thepapercraft same! though I tend to suspect they are not talking about short fat sheepy tieflings like me lol

we played a one-shot dnd campaign over the weekend (which ended up being a two-shot, oops) and omg I missed my tiefling druid baby so much

she is basically just me but better, more innocent and more in touch with her emotions tbh


cultist simulator 

i'm bi *and* pan. i refuse to pick one. like hello i'm bi/pan, "picking one" is clearly not my strong point


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Tell your conservative relatives that climate change made you queer

re: dragging myself, shitpost [io] 

re: dragging myself, shitpost [io] 

dragging myself, shitpost [io] 

I missed the baby though! /smooches their little sleepy head.


Weird suddenly being out front again after a few months of not. I'm all, oh hey I'll go hang out in my usual discord chats and write in my silly videogame blog and then it's like. How have three months passed when I/we haven't even looked at this? Idk, just a weird feeling.


updated system intro 

a friend posted this on discord and i feel extremely personally called out


@Redleaveshavefallen our (out-system) toddler would probably be totally with you on that haha

being plural is weird and difficult sometimes but yknow what

i really love my headmates

theyre so fucking good


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get in loser we're going co-fronting

lb this was very accurate for me tbh

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yo does anyone remember that one gender quiz thing bc i
i remember what it's called i can just
hold on

this is the only valid gender quiz ever to exist and if you haven't seen it before it's worth experiencing

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being happy when so many things demand that you should not be is a radical act.

so keep that in mind and be kind to your fellow people.

not sure if new person with odd/different speaking/writing style or just some sort of nonverbal-lite thing happening


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💃 there is now a moms instance, too 💃 

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