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updated system intro 

🐏 rae, mid 20s, gets stuck front a lot, types w no capitals, likes sheep, perkygoth. demigirl, she/her

☀️ Luz, old af, p friendly. dead. not human. perkygoth: the sequel. she/her

:ms_cloud: aspen, adult but not clear on how old. glow cloud. deals w medical trauma. ey/em or they/them

🐦 starling, 23, likes birds and drawing, been here since forever, any pronouns, what's a gender

🦋 Lumi, 40ish, lesbian, she/her, a bit shy, caretaker

📚 Lucretia, 50ish, likes to read and write. not online much but we're encouraging her to talk more. she/her.

❄ Thorn, kind of new, late 30s, quiet at first but talks a lot once xe gets started, xe/xem/xyr or they/them.

🌕 io, 30s, lesbian nerd, likes plants & computers & making tiny games, she/her

🌳 forest: aspen/starling/io subsystem, sometimes speaks as one person. whatever pronouns

:ms_shooting_star:​ nebula. weird alien child who pops up occasionally to be excited about earth. about 10-11, whatever pronouns.

fuck i'm tired of feeling like a dissociated blob of pain and tiredness instead of a person

polite request for my body and brain to Stop This pls


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people who don't use it don't understand just how profoundly bad of a website tumblr is. i'm not even talking about the community, just the actual software itself. to say that tumblr is incompetently coded is an insult to incompetence. tumblr's source code is the programming equivalent of sweet bro and hella jeff.

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reblog this
if you have a bad brain
that don't think good

ah shit now I gotta update our pinned post 'cause I'm not in it

maybe I should just pin a link to our listo or mini site thingy or something instead?


can i be noneofyourfuckingbusinessgenic

can we make this a thing


system stuff, death and mh mention 

things that will cause our brain to stress-generate a new person, apparently:

losing our house: ❌​
postpartum depression: ❌​
horrible, tragic family death: ❌​
the fucking flu: ✅​

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your regular reminder that censoring words l*ke th*s is actively counterproductive because it bypasses the filters that people set up for themselves

to take an innocuous example, if i use filters to block the word "orange", and you write "or*nge", you have now ensured that i will see a post that i have explicitly tried to get out of my timeline

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pda, luz 

the fact that I'm not currently making out with my hot nerd gf under a cosy blanket is frankly homophobic


gross pda at my fictive/bug kin bf, bad art, negativity about arachnids 

i took time out of my life to draw this


it is a lovely day in the system, and you are a horrible sheep.


death mention 

(no jk tho I fucking love bog bodies. throw me in a bog when I die so I can be one someday)

- r

why bog body praised for lying around and being ugly for 2000 years but not I

- r

we played a one-shot dnd campaign over the weekend (which ended up being a two-shot, oops) and omg I missed my tiefling druid baby so much

she is basically just me but better, more innocent and more in touch with her emotions tbh


i'm bi *and* pan. i refuse to pick one. like hello i'm bi/pan, "picking one" is clearly not my strong point


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Tell your conservative relatives that climate change made you queer

re: dragging myself, shitpost [io] 

that and it's an excuse to say nice things about my sysmates

sshhhh nobody tell these idiots I like them

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re: dragging myself, shitpost [io] 

...the joke is I constantly have no solid sense of self or idea of my role in system :ohno:

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dragging myself, shitpost [io] 

hey listen we should stop in system bickering with each other and focus on our strengths

aspen is KIND
lucretia is SMART
lumi is CARING
starling is CREATIVE
luz is BRAVE
nebula is ADORABLE

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