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what people expect me to be like when they learn i'm a hatsune miku fictive: kawaii desu leeks uwu

what i'm actually like: fuck shit y'all it's 2PM and i accidentally made us sleep in bed all day shit

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@selinama Addendum: tag your fucking selfies, eye contact or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(And again, thank you to everyone who already does this!)

Tag your fucking eye contact selfies people. Jesus

(Thank you to the people already doing this, we all appreciate it)

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Sushi chefs are truly the kindest people. One just threw in a tako nigiri because we’re a regular here. 🍣🍵

we have made it canon that in my DnD campaign, the word you say in healing word is "bongo cat"

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Money is bad.

Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.

creative writing prof: they had a. very complex relationship


fun fact: if you think all of your friends are beautiful but you aren’t, you are 8000% wrong

just want to let you know that i’m proud of you, whether that’s for getting out of bed today or doing the thing that scared you or trying something new or just being, i’m very proud 💕

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