multitober 10/11 "splitting", mention of childhood trauma, medical trauma, loss of headmates, plural gatekeepers 

ok, time to catch up on some prompts i guess

10/11: splitting

Several of us originated by splitting; the whole Lacerta subgroup of our system can all be traced back to people who split from our original singlet self. We think probably the first instance of this was Lumi and Kat splitting apart thanks to trauma as a child, and our brain apparently then just went "oh, this is a good way to deal with bad situations, noted."

So yeah, we have a long history of our brain responding to intense stress by going "oh fuck. new person????" The most recent example of this happening via splitting is probably from June 2017, when Starling basically dissociated so hard during a really traumatic medical procedure that she brought Aspen into existence. It was... kind of a headfuck.

And even when it's not as obvious as "ah, A split into two people and now we have B and C", we can often kind of... trace connections between people? L is closely linked to Kat. Aspen has echoes of an old system member, Viola, who isn't here anymore (and in a way, seeing many of her traits recycled into Aspen was what made us realise she was in all probability Really Gone). Nebula feels closely linked to how Starling was as a system-kid before they grew up. Brain shit is weird, and identity shit gets even weirder when you all have to share a single brain, I guess.

(...I have heard gatekeepers say that acquiring new people from stress or trauma isn't possible past childhood, and all I can say to this is "idk what to tell you, it happened".)

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