bit of a rant, brief death mention 

you know a thing i really fucking hate? that whole genre of post that goes "lol, people who are like [description of some entirely harmless behaviour... you're 30"

like. i am not 30, actually, i'm 41. i'm married with a child, i have buried all four of my grandparents and one parent, i have navigated bad jobs, toxic relationships, bereavement, fertility treatment, filing my own taxes, and moving house while 8 months pregnant. I've got grey hairs and crow's feet.

I am a 100% certified Real Grown-Up and I am hereby giving yall permission to use the damn :3c emoji. watch the damn anime. hug your plushies, get excited over pictures of heckin cute doggos on the internet, write fanfic, hide under a blanket and say "I can't adult today"*, or whatever the fuck you want to do. the notion that we've all got to be Strong and Serious and Capable at all times and only think about work and taxes and childcare the minute we hit 21/25/30/whatever other arbitrary ass age, is toxic and bullshit imo

(... it's also, honestly, kinda immature? actual adulthood is figuring out that 'cringe' is nonsense and doing what makes you happy - provided you're not harming anyone else in doing so - is vastly more important than what others, especially strangers, think about it.)

re: bit of a rant, brief death mention 

  • don't really get to do this one if you've got a young kid, obviously, but if there's nobody depending on you for their basic needs that day, go for it
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re: bit of a rant, brief death mention 

@seasnakes Preeeachhhhh

re: bit of a rant, brief death mention 

@seasnakes i agree with all this so much i hate the whole thing about thinking adults have to act any certain way once we're a certain age

like fuck just chill

its also the same in fandom contexts like who do you think is Making your comics and cartoons.

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