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hey, we're a system of uh, somewhere between 15 and 25, traumagenic/mixed-origin. we have a singletsona account elsewhere on fedi but we'd like to try to talk about our plurality with other systems sometimes (we're in some discord groups, but sometimes those are hard to keep up with whereas non-realtime communication can be easier). we're physically an adult, have a child and work part-time from home. we live with one of our partners and hopefully soon with both of them.

we have a system site here:

re: meds/self medicating, ph 

also why's it gotta taste so bad

it tastes like really nice chocolate, that has been ruined by the shitty taste of weed

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meds/self medicating, ph 

cbd chocolate is noticeably helping me sleep more deeply and i think also maybe taking the edge off some of my chronic pain issues, but like

why does it have to be so fucking expensive

huh i didn't actually realise my posts were set to default to followers only

not a bad idea tho tbh

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plurality, recent mh - 

me: has a whole ass mental health breakdown while unable to see a doctor

brain: i know how to handle this


brain: NEW PERSON!


brain: he's a total mess have fun

covid, fatphobia/weight loss talk, tories

"Downing Street is planning what has been billed as a “war against obesity” after Boris Johnson needed intensive care treatment for Covid-19, which the prime minister reportedly blamed on his weight."

cool cool cool so basically this just means I won't be able to get any help from my doctor about anything without them ignoring me and pushing LOSE WEIGHT THO FATASS


re: ableism (not meta) 

which really sucks, that this society pushes us into harming and blaming each other

but that's capitalism i guess: It Sucks

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re: ableism (not meta) 

& like

one of the things about ableism is that disability takes so many different forms that having one of them doesn't make you immune from perpetuating ableism yourself.

you can be a wheelchair user who perpetuates harmful stereotypes about mentally ill ppl. you can be an autistic person who thinks chronically ill ppl are 'just lazy'. you can be a mentally ill person who's gross about physically disabled ppls bodies

like even if we don't have the same institutional power or whatever as a fully abled person all of us still need to be careful about slipping into those thought patterns that capitalism drills into us, I think

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ableism (not meta) 

opposing ableism does not begin and end with accessibility, or with using the 'right' language

ableism is not some harmless mildly problematic quirk that we can deal with after we sort out the REAL problems. it's deeply entwined with this whole shitty capitalist system.

can't work to produce more wealth for the rich? why should you even get to exist then?

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And so far as I
know, in the background without
fanfare or drama

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Basically ideological purity is fake and if you only engage with things that are 100% pure and impossible to corrupt and also perfectly align with your political views, you're gonna sit in a room alone forever

I thought I might be cottagecore but I checked the aesthetics wiki and turns out I'm actually totally grandmacore, so that's ok then


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i wish i didn't have an agab

i know that's impossible
because everyone gets one
and i know my agab doesn't define me

but i still wish i could somehow not have one


wait are snakesonas a thing now

this is MY MOMENT

(yes I am a terrible trash podcast fangirl and i will make no apologies for this)


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the magnus archives, but it's just magnus burnsides excitedly telling you anecdotes about dogs he's met and cool furniture he's made

re: Magnus archives s3 onward spoilers, plurality 

*attempts to ask headmates about their opinions on best entity*

*is cut off by rae chanting END END END END like the giant fucking stack of goths in a trench coat that she is*

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re: Magnus archives s3 onward spoilers, unsanitary adjacent I guess? 

and at the same time its episodes are probably the scariest ones to me. Taken Ill *fucked me up*.


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