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Remember what life was like before Let's Encrypt?

TLS was supported by modern browsers, as well as most servers. But getting a certificate was difficult to set up, and usually cost money.

Now with 2 commands and a guided setup process, you can encrypt your website traffic for free, and it'll automatically renew itself. All you need is CLI access to the hosting server.


(Also, if you can, please donate: letsencrypt.org/donate/ )

Cherish the people you can be unapologetically weird with.

Abortion is decriminalized in the Republic of #Korea, starting today! 🥳

Transcrowdfund, urgent, transphobic abuse/violence 

I was contacted via Facebook by this 19yo trans man. He's desperate to get into a better homeless shelter. His mom recently passed away, and now he's living in a shelter where people are physically abusing him. I can't give anything right now, but I assured him that I would share.

cashapp is $MKP1223
fb pay: mk policastro.


happy 2021 can't wait for nothing to change from last year


eating while fronting an actually paying attention to stuff is so amazing

"ok so you put the AI persona inside a robot"
"YES AND! It's a roomba!!"
"YES AND!! the roomba has an uwu face and sounds like miku!!!"

medication, hrt, - 

So, we've kind of decided to just wait until we've moved out to start hrt, just because it'd be much easier to get, we don't have to hide it or the changes, and then we can just go full girl/enby mode. Kind of sucks, but atleast it's still pretty early.

remember that if you see ppl shoplifting, no you didnt

If you’re not sure if you might be an enby, check these common symptoms:

- dangerous levels of cute
- multiple outfit changes per day
- powerful pronoun game
- faultlessly creative
- everyone’s secret crush

:HeartEnby: :100Enby:

someone posted this with the hashtag #plantifa and now it’s not there so I’m resharing it. No clue who to credit for it, so if you know please pass that info on. Also please use that hashtag more! @plants

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