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hi everyone! i'm river! i'm nonbinary & ace. i'm part of a small tulpagenic system. i'm very new to the system.

Please no April Fool's stuff without CW

I'm begging y'all

How do we tell who's who and who does what? It's quite disturbing for us that we don't feel as separate as we prefer to be. :boost_ok:

plurality question re walk-ins, :boost_ok: 

What sorts of things have helped walk-ins with no memories of where they're from get some memories back?

re: help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

so, an update, we're getting hit with a lot of pressure to get a job and move out, and we really can't stay at our parents'.

monetary support still welcome (, but also, if anyone in the atlanta metro area (or, within a reasonable driving distance of that, or longer if you're willing to help us get the Hell out of this state, we don't have a car ourselves) has space for a disabled queer plural system to stay, that'd be great. we don't have much income, and don't expect to be able to help out much with rent, but. we have some savings if it comes to it.

we're, you know, in the works of trying to find some work and/or get on disability, but there's a strong chance we either don't find anything remote we can do, or if we do, we'll burn out fast or otherwise not hold onto it for long, and that we don't qualify for SSI.

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help request, income and housing situations. :boost_ok:​ 

hiya! so we've had things unpinned and this has been less focal for a bit, mostly because our entire life has been a Thing lately and the stress of internalized ableism and classism was not a good addition at the time.

if you'd like to support us, links to our patreon, paypal, cashapp, and a wishlist are on

currently we're stuck living with our abusive parents again, who we previously planned to cut contact with, and we will be stuck with them for... an unknown amount of time.

the house is very inaccessible, being a three story place while we use a cane and wheelchair for chronic leg pain, and we have no bedroom so we're sleeping on an air mattress in the living room. we don't really currently have a great way out of this situation.

the most direct thing is that if we have enough income to actually support ourselves, there's the potential to move out, but otherwise it's all kinda
-big shrug- rn. but even in the short term, maintaining financial independence for things like keeping up our own phone plan, getting meds, buying groceries for ourselves when our parents are dismissive of our needs, and ordering food when we can't cook, are really useful.

please, though, do make sure your own oxygen mask (that is to say, ability to survive) is affixed before helping us out at all. thanks, y'all.

purring tutorial:

1) make a "kuh" sound, just like you normally would pronounce a K
2) now shift the arch if your tongue back a little and do the same thing - it should sound a little squishier now, like "khuh"
3) hold your tongue there and exhale through the gap. adjust the height of your tongue until it vibrates
4) now close your mouth most of the way, just leave a small gap for the air to escape


It's been said before, but I just thought of my own phrasing. So here's a piece of social wisdom about a trans term:

Egg is a retrospective term. Apply it to past-you all you want, use it with close friends all you want. But smugly asserting that you know what is at the end of someone's journey of introspection is rude and liable to put them off the journey altogether.

boost this gfm for my friend Sunny, a Black Trans Autistic/Disabled community leader-car $ to quit transphobic job 

They are also aiming to get a car to use so they can quit their transphobic job and start a driving job. If you have an extra car please contact me.

If you want to give to the car fund, Venmo me @TaiCK or and include a Car emoji. I will be open to collecting reparations on behalf of them and will update this thread with investments

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Being nonbinary is as beautiful as any great wonder and simple pleasure.

That’s because this universe is a beautiful place, and you are shining example of its greatness.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #nonbinaypride ..

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