Learning about abuser mods on a certain popular plural space got me like :ms_imp_angry:

that new transfem bottom surgery thing everyone's on about, medical abuse, forced surgery, intersexism 

the more I see this whole thing about that "new amazing surgery for trans women that came from experimental techniques on cis women" the more I feel sick

this surgery technique was developed by nonconsensually experimenting on and mutilating the bodies of intersex people with MRKH. This surgery comes at the cost of intersex people -- some of whom were part of those experiments and are taking about it right now -- literally being labeled test subjects and subjected to genital mutilation.

Remember that when you talk about how great this advancement is for trans women. It is, for sure, but please don't ignore the violence that was enacted on intersex bodies so trans women can have that surgery.

Pso2 feels. We're on Ship 3/Thorn. Our account name is also reti but I'm not sure how to add random friends, there's too many menus lmao

well pride month just started here and i wanna say to my fellow white queers that we cannot switch focus entirely now and forget about the protests going on.

we need to support our black siblings with whatever they need, for as long as they need it, because they've always supported us, because we have a shared interest in opposing the cops, and because of course, it's simply the right thing to do.

we got our rights through riots, and we got our rights through the work of black queers

Multiplicity May 

This really got away from me. This month was so difficult for a lot of reason and didnt have the capacity for this afterall. At least we can post here now without feeling badly for not participating in MM

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complaint vent, discord drama, politics 

Positions of power in leftist spaces is tricky especially in discord where things are inherently tiered.
When picking out governing bodies, it's imports t to make sure that reactionarism doesn't invade your space. The problem we had here was that we decided that a popularity contest was an alright system of goverence. What resulted was a mod team that had folx thst were fundamentally at odds with each other on the basis of fundamental beliefs regarding anarchism, power structures, liberalism, and more.

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complaint vent 

And why the fuck is there an enabler is in a position of power.
And moves against these people, I get to see their vents and how they can't even see what the situation is and can't understand why people are upset. They just either don't give a damn or are just maliciously trying to destroy an otherwise amazing community

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complaint vent 

Imagine thinking that asking an abuser or an enabler to fuck off is something that is a warnable and ultimately bannable offense.

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complaint vent 

new heights of bullshit and fucked up politics continues on this weeks episode of leftist discord

Covid, work 

Got called today to start work again on Monday. I told them no, will start in another month or so instead. I'm pretty lucky.

mh - 

really been down and out for a few days. will get to the multi-may posts when we can

Multiplicity May - Day 8 - meme 

Missed yesterday so here's a double post. I just know about this one, maybe another member will post something later today Idk.

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Multiplicity May - Day 7 - NPCs 

We don't have any. Might be an interesting thing to explore, but Idk.

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Multiplicity May - Day 6 - Introjects 

Don't have any that stick around. Maybe we have some that show up occasionally? Can't think of a specific time, but there's been times we felt there were others or maybe a sticky thought from outside if we have had an intense situation.

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Multiplicity May - Day 5 - Clothes and Makeup 

Alright so we each kind of do have our own styles, but we're new to this plural thing so it has always been very confusing! It's much more clear to us now that in the past our lack of effort towards style was due to feeling like we were being pulled in so many ways.
Jae has the most clothes since *** fronted a lot during clothes shopping trips in the past. Style is pretty relaxed and casual, ideal is like flannel button up shirt with a zip hoodie, skinny jeans with chucks
Rinz is our main fronter for work, so a lot of their style is based around the utilitarian approach of a work uniform, which is a tailored suit for us. Simple watch, floral fitted shirt, matching tie clip, maybe a trendy pair of earings.
Heather is gonna be the one that tries to use Jae's clothes to pull off a soft butch look. She is the one that has played around with makeup the most, but doesn't wear any right now.
Char limit// the other 2 don't have defined style yet

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Multiplicity May - Day 4 - Something a member made 

This made us realize we don't have a lot we individually claim, we tend to work on things as a group project. Closest would be Jae likes to build stuff in minecraft, or our individual journaling. Sorry there's not a lot to this one!

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Multiplicity May - Day 3 - alter / system name 

Oh I forgot to do this yesterday so double post today!

We go by reti system because reti has been our online handle for quite a while and we really vibe with it.

Each of our member names were chosen by the member.

Zel was the last one to pick out a name. It doesn't really like names, so Zel is just a temporary name for convenience since it fronts a lot more than before.

Our first members to name themselves were Heather and Jae, I'm not really sure how they chose them though.

I don't really like talking about our names and how we got them so I'll leave this where it is! Thanks for reading

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Multiplicity May - Day 2 - Communication 

So we do have ok communication. We try to check in on each other once a day at least, but sometimes a few days in between talking with the others.
We communicate in head space, and there's a few ways we can communicate.
Jae has a signal they can send if they need to talk (the member most likely needing to say something), and for the others we try to be aware of when they need to talk to the fronter or with other members, or voicing things that bother them.
The most interesting communication style we have is when Zel is checking in on Rinz. Rinz is an android right, but also sort of mirrors other beings when interacting, and Zel is just a polymorph, so when Zel goes to check in with Rinz, a mirror reflects a polymorph and the two bodies starts to get real weird since their bodies can change in headspace.
Sorry this is kind of a ramble and disorganized

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Multiplicity May - Inner World 

For us we definitely have an inner world and it's becoming more vivid the more we travel there.
Different members kind of have different inner worlds, like Jae has a magical forest, but Zel and Heather can visit sometimes.
Heather's space is more shut off, but she has a pocket sun that she can hop into to hide.
Zel just kind of floats around in / is a void.
Rinz hasn't explored much of their inner world.
Dikarya kind of just exists, a lot of time as a decaying log in the magical forest.

do folks here know about ? its a list of prompts to talk about multiplicity things for every day in may! its made by instagram user allofyggdrasil and it will be the second year of this challenge.

i would be very happy to reflect a little bit about my system and my understanding of multiplicity here! anyone else interested?


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