badge that says I Showered Today

pros: friends can notice and be proud of you
cons: friends will notice the days you dont wear it

⭐ this post was made by someone who showered today

by the way if you didnt shower today thats okay! I dont want to sound like im shaming anybody. im just proud of myself because I did and showering is hard for me

@rats i didn't shower today, tbh i only shower when i feel like i want the sensory experience or when I'm going out/leaving the house, but I'm very proud of you cause I know how hard it is!!

@foxes Ahhh thank you! but don't say your art is badly drawn, both because it isnt and subjective judgement in alt text isnt Best Practice hehe

/I feel like im coming across in a mean or looking down on you kind of tone but I really don't mean it like that

@rats oh no i mean that i intentionally made it look bad (by my comparison to my own art) for the joke and fun of it c:

(art is obviously subjective, for example i adore that one stick figure you drew of me, even if I've called this similar drawing bad, because it makes me happy and sometimes that's all you need c:)

@foxes ohhhhhh i get you. like the "you done it" gold star that made the rounds on tumblr years ago

that makes sense

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