you walk into my office, and I am sitting at my desk with my feet up. I look bored, possibly slightly annoyed. my office looks inanimate, yet also stern. its a business office, where business happens.

"so...why did you call me in here?" you ask, in a pitch that reveals a vague dread. you didnt know @rats had an office. you question if I knew I had an office also.

I tap the 6ft banner behind me with my cane, a quiet thwack that interrupts my sweet lo fi beats for a moment. you get the impression that this isn't the first time this has happened, and that maybe I had been practicing my cane thwacking in my spare time.

"friends don't let friends post images without alt text" is written, in bold black text on white canvas. the lettering is clear both in font and meaning. the canvas is also inanimate.

you nod solemnly, understanding your past mistakes, and make a mental note of it, possibly doing some research on how best to describe images, or where the feature is on your client. you implicitly know that I am always willing to help explain the importance of accessibility, should you need it.

the mistake doesn't happen again.

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