youtube guy: if youre snapping your cane you should just use a walker (laughs)
me: *looks at increasingly duct taped cane* haha, yeah

(my problem is that its a cheap folding cane that likes to randomly fold itself when I walk, but still. oof. I just want cane reviews that dont make me feel old/bad for needing mobility aids)

we need to pay for a lot of stuff in the coming months like house cleaning, new chair for partner, winter clothes, so if my cane fully breaks I cant get a replacement. using my wheelchair all the time is fine but I'm a bit worried about my leg muscles getting even weaker from it

i just want a nice, non folding cane with a comfy handle and a wide base. doesn't need to be a full on quad cane (though not opposed to trying one either) but I struggle with the normal size tips balance wise

some day I would love a pretty looking cane but thats not really realistic


fun fact: there are currently 4 different visible kinds of tape holding my cane together (dark blue on handle bc foam went crumbly, grey+black+red from each time I had to retape the stick together)

its more noticible with a non potato camera so please imagine a HD image

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