youtube guy: if youre snapping your cane you should just use a walker (laughs)
me: *looks at increasingly duct taped cane* haha, yeah

(my problem is that its a cheap folding cane that likes to randomly fold itself when I walk, but still. oof. I just want cane reviews that dont make me feel old/bad for needing mobility aids)

we need to pay for a lot of stuff in the coming months like house cleaning, new chair for partner, winter clothes, so if my cane fully breaks I cant get a replacement. using my wheelchair all the time is fine but I'm a bit worried about my leg muscles getting even weaker from it

i just want a nice, non folding cane with a comfy handle and a wide base. doesn't need to be a full on quad cane (though not opposed to trying one either) but I struggle with the normal size tips balance wise

some day I would love a pretty looking cane but thats not really realistic

fun fact: there are currently 4 different visible kinds of tape holding my cane together (dark blue on handle bc foam went crumbly, grey+black+red from each time I had to retape the stick together)

its more noticible with a non potato camera so please imagine a HD image

@rats We occasionally need a cane to walk properly/without pain but often go without it bc we've been made to feel bad about useing a cane before and stuff- ive been thinking about looking for one that's more my aesthetic so i dont have to worry about looking old and drawing negative attention, so if we find a neat one thats looks AND works good, we'll definitely tell you. In my experience the look of most doesnt help the feeling old part. Oh and yk anything we'd recommend would be affordable bc were broke.

@rats shit, just saw the part about the wide base so our findings may be less helpful, but we'll be on the look out regardless.

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