Australian healthcare -, centrelink -, capitalism is evil, death due to systemic problems 

you know if I were on the disability pension i could afford to jump through the hoops centerlink wants me to

like. they want me to be rediagnosed with ASD and arent acknowledging my fibromyalgia because it Usually Isnt This Bad and I havent tried (things i either cant afford or cant access due to being disabled and not having enough support)

but no im a "jobseeker with a temporary exemption due to (permanent) disability" something that pays half as much as DSP and could be taken from me at any time if they decide im too disabled for jobseeker. and they wont decide im disabled enough for DSP at that point, no.

that point is legitemately when I just die, because I cant even afford a month without income, and applying to DSP took me several months before they rejected me

if I had the financial support from centerlink, and the community support from NDIS I could afford, schedule, and attend all the meetings and appointments i need to prove im Disabled Enough, and get the help I need to function better. but nope lets just silently allow disabled people die and act shocked at the statistics of how many indigenous disabled queer people are dying

COVID mention, disability bitterness 

I could do so many things with help. my partner helps where she can but her mental illnesses & COVID-worsened agoraphobia mean I absolutely need "proper" help with daily living. but do I get help? no :)))

I cant get help with my own mental issues until my physical issues are managed, and if it takes me 6 months of saving (on an artificially inflated income- would have taken a year normally) to buy ONE SINGLE ACCESSIBILITY TOOL so that I could continue to use my computer...something is wrong. this is the shit the NDIS is meant to help with!

I need to see someone about the nerve pain in my arm, maybe get an elbow brace to at least manage it. I need a new cane so I can walk, I need to get a proper cushion for my wheelchair, I need better brakes. (Ideally I wouldnt have needed to buy a preowned wheelchair but whatever.) I need help keeping my house clean. I need help with finances from someone who doesn't impulse spend any money they can reach when manic. I need help making my house more accessible, so I can do laundry and cooking and shower myself regularly. (I was gifted a shower chair, but I still struggle thanks to hot showers making my brain fog bad, and cold showers hurting my joints bad, and lukewarm showers giving me flashbacks to trauma) Speaking of, I need a metric fuck ton of therapy. I need help learning life skills for independent living. I need help to start interacting with the community again, learning how to leave the house safely and not get lost or disoriented or confused. this isnt even 1/10th of the help I need.


they are evaluating an imaginary person with my diagnosises when they deny me DSP, not a real person with complex needs. fibromyalgia doesnt usually make someone unable to walk, but it does for me. fibromyalgia doesn't usually leave people bedridden on bad days, but it does for me. and yet, because I am an unusually bad case, I dont get additional help proportionate to my needs?


being many minorities means having many sources of systemic harm / also lots of abuse talk 

systemic problems beat you while youre down. I was born to a poor, rural, indigenous family. docs (US readers: basically child protective services) left me in an abusive home, despite first hand witnessing her abusing me, because im indigenous. "oh you know...we dont want another stolen generation on our hands you know?"

because they left me there, my neglect left me entirely outside the medical system. I was one of those scary "low functioning autistics without a diagnosis" (most people assume when they're evaluating someone for ASD, their client would have been diagnosed by now if they were "bad")

because my school saw me being abused and looked the other way, I continued to be abused. shocker. because of, get this, ABUSE, I floundered in school. because I wasnt diagnosed with anything, I was never put in special ed or got any tailored help.

when I forced my school to step in (read: when I was kicked out for being trans, and walked 20km to school because it was the only place I knew might help), they forced me to live with a random, unqualified teacher, who, get this, abused me more :)) I mean I managed to grab an ASD diagnosis from a lady who only extorted 3000 dollars from me, so was it that bad?/s

when I finally escaped that, I was 18 and moved in with my partner. government housing didnt like me living on the property, so me & my partner were kicked out (the latter for being trans/defending me?) and as you can imagine, attending TAFE when homeless and rapidly finding oneself to be in constant pain for unknown reasons and fearing for MS or hard.

I dropped out for obvious reasons, and 6 months later I was relying on a cane to walk. 6 months later and I needed a wheelchair to leave the house. we couch surfed from abusive family member to abusive friend and back until we could get the attention of government housing, basically.

now tell me. with all of that going on. do you think one might struggle to provide medical evidence? that maybe, a government agency with the capacity to provide support, would see someone systemically beaten down, and offer "hey, we'll give you DSP for a year, see these specialists and if they agree you have these conditions, you can stay on it. if not, you can pay back the difference over time later."?

because they didnt, dont, and wont, because people living happy lives is a random accident that sometimes happens when you get money from the government

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