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"so hows Unity treating you today?"
*gestures to avatar model*
"i see"

eyestrain in meme 

chronic pain be like:

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i watched a video of someones EDC (every day carry- what someone has on their person when they go out)

the overly prepared aspect really appeals to me, ive always been like that. plus I can turn "leaving the house and working on my agoraphobia" into a hobby. but also thats consumerism and thats for losers.

but aside from that all the things he owned seemed cool and useful. he had a sanitizer dispenser on his belt!! how cool is that!!

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If you use your browser's password safe or form autofill functionality, third party scripts embedded in a site can easily steal the username+password/autofill data.
It was always obvious to me it shouldn't be implemented like this, so finding out it is was startling.
The article is from 2017 but this still works in my Chrome derivate and I believe also Firefox. They have a test site at .

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vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv (happy noises)
imagining cool stuff

mentions of cults, zombies (both in the context of video game titles, im listing what games I've bought so far) 

here's the current pile of things I have bought :) shout out to past me for "moving to Argentina" wink wink

I was given 5000ARS so. yeah I still have plenty more I can get. feels good.

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my friend gave me my birthday gift today :) he said he was going to give me a steam gift card, so I assumed like, $20 worth or something. he gave me $80 worth and I'm honestly amazed.

ive bought so many games already and I still have a lot of gift money left

brand recommendation 

*gumption is a brand of Cleaning Goop, I strongly recommend buying some or something similar for getting stuck on Stuff unstuck. if youre careful to not let water get stuck in the tub, it lasts basically forever. alsi you only use a little bit at a time, which is good.

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heres a close up of the push handles, im really proud of how they came out. I just used gumption* + that green scrubby rectangle thing, and with some effort it came off!

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worked on my wheelchair today! its preowned and has needed a deep clean & maintenance for ages.

(yes I know that my seat cushion is bad and will cause problems. it does cause problems. im poor.)

things I did:
removed paint from the push handles, because it had mostly worn off and made it look bad
removed a gross rubberized coating on the footplate
replaced a missing screw in the back
adjusted the back height down (discovering the missing screw is how I learned the back was adjustible 🤦‍♂️)
got all the hair out of my casters
general cleaning of the frame and fabric, making sure screws were tight, etc

things I still need to do:
remove the attach points for a tip bar (I dont have the right Allen wrench to do it atm)
WD40 the push handles, which squeak a lot
potentially take off the paint on the frame thats scratched to hell from the precious owner (would like to get steel wool for that)
Pimp My Ride fun additions, like rgb and stuff

left the house today :) made it to the garage and back, but still good considering how rough today has been. ive managed to leave the house twice this week, which is a big improvement

I have been stopped from making bad decisions

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actually if I can figure out how to override the walk animation it would work for everyone, but would take more fiddling around in unity 🤔

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I think I have a good idea for it (for desktop and 3PT players, not 6PT), once this flare up ends and I finish some obligation stuff I might pick the project back up

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you know the fact that literally every vrchat avatar that uses a wheelchair was made for a meme or at the expense of disabled people really says something
ive been trying to figure out how to make a legitemately good wheelchair avatar for a while now because it just makes me so angry to think about

I've been loving as an excuse to practice, but man do I want to make a big post about how to write alt text. but my toki pona skills aren't quite there yet, and I really want to post it in toki pona. and, even if I do say something, it's not like it becomes anything more than "this one system has strong opinions on accessibility"

.-. most mastodon clients make alt text easy, and on pc I get prompted when I forget to write it before trying to post an image. if your image isn't worth the effort of writing an image description, it's not worth seeing
(obviously wanting to write alt text but needing help is different, especially if it's a conflicting accessibility needs thing)

I know it's a bad idea, an unsustainable idea, an idea we will likely never do...

... but imagining how a pluralkit fork that was designed with toki pona in mind is fun, like designing it in my head

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