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self advertising / commission sheet 

commissions are open! if you're financially able & interested, please consider commissioning me :bun_heart:

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"so hows Unity treating you today?"
*gestures to avatar model*
"i see"

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This image would not leave my brain until i drew it so here u go

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Push based notifications give platforms control. Pull based notifications (eg rss) give users control

eye contact, vrchat selfie 

I am Looking

also, I managed to make it so I can see my own antenna and it makes me really happy :> anything parented to the head bone is hidden from you (so your nose doesnt get rendered, for example) so I just parented the antenna to the neck, and had it copy my heads rotation

its the little things that help getting immersed in a character

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it's really rude of life not to give me four floppy ears and wings and to make me larger than very smol

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hey do y'all know about sponsorblock? did you know that there's a browser extension called sponsorblock that allows you to automatically skip sponsored segments in youtube videos? did you know that if you don't use youtube in your browser, that's okay because it's also ported to various other programs such as mpv, kodi, newpipe, freetube, and yt-dlp?

because i think some of you would be interested in knowing that.

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poverty exists because specific parties of living humans with names and addresses want it to exist. it is not a mistake or a bug or a fluke. it has perpetrators who can be held accountable.

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personal opinion: fast broadband internet is good in general, but it also motivates web developers to expect everyone to have fast internet that is available all the time

dial-up sucked, but you'd never have always-on gaming consoles and services if people still paid by the hour

lewd, vrchat selfie, kinky outfit (no nudity), petplay-adjacent 

(disclaimer: not into petplay)

oh no, i'm stuck :ms_point_right_clw::ms_point_left_clw:

was taking pictures of my commission and took a few silly ones

system gatekeeping 

we use the notes feature on discord to keep track of people we encounter, especially for things that could potentially indicate red flags/traits we don't feel comfortable with. its precautionary but has been very helpful in the past

and when we went to block someone who was doing the whole "im a REAL system u guys dont know anything" spiel

their note was just "english prescriptivist" qwy;flpqwf;yplwfp

product recommendation request, boosts appreciated but not required 

anyone know of a good google forms alternative? i want to set up a commissions form for people to list what they want, to make the process easier for me

main priorities are that its open source, not made by bigots, and is very "idiot proof" for people filling out the completed form.

free (as in beer) would be nice, and I'd rather not self host it if i can avoid it.

me, looking at someone's OC they want commissioned: oh this is a cute design, i'd love to work on this
me: *clicks on the page they linked for more info*
me: oh, this is an NFT thing
me: *closes tab*

Pros of today: Squid has been fronting a lot lately (/neg) and we fixed that
Cons of today: I have discovered why Squid was fronting so much

(Oof, ouch, my mental health.)

keysmash, not screenreader friendly 

bgfhbhgfhbgdhvbdghddggd h

soup brain

between this and the "i have decided to move in ways that make no sense given the weight painting you did", i'm starting to think blender is occult software

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weight painting is evil and i hate it

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git: 'gud' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.

The most similar command is

im really proud of the progress im making

but all the people that understand how big that progress is, & care that im improving, are sleeping


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folks here are talking about baseball

"my team beat the yankees c:"

"that's cool. my team got swallowed by a black hole"

"so hows Unity treating you today?"
*gestures to avatar model*
"i see"

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self advertising (progress update) 


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