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we're gonna CW any future "ambiently existing as someone who is sad and mourning" posts as "sadposting" in addition to other relevant CWs, so feel free to mute that word if you need to. if there's any extra CWs you'd like to ask for, just say the word.

(as always, if you'd like an existing post reposted with an additional CW, or would like us to always CW a topic when talking about it, don't be afraid to ask.)

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"so hows Unity treating you today?"
*gestures to avatar model*
"i see"

happy today :) even amenadiel is in a good mood

anthropomorphic furby, unity screenshot 

please appreciate my sense of humour

the lighting in this makes everything very purple tinted, I only took 5 pictures today and this is the best one lol

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furry eye contact, anthro furby, VRchat selfie 

for anyone curious this is the avatar I’m using, made it today with Avislime’s new base :)

so far I get a lot of “is that a furby?!” in public worlds, which is fun.

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request for tech support 

(if anyone can explain how Stripe works and how to set that up with LiberaPay, I’m all ears. I can’t figure out their website but LP recommend it over paypal, so it must be useful)

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added our LiberaPay account to our profile, which I was supposed to do weeks ago and forgot until now :bun_mlem:

I see furries with their cool sonas and I just envy them because I cant design a character that I’ll like for more than a week

want to make one thats very Me but have no ideas for colours or patterns or species or anything

request for tech support, lewd advert parody in image 

but like, seriously if anyone knows of a non phone call way of getting the tv firmware I need from hisense that would be great

my tv model number is 55r6 and I can get additional info if needed

having a tv isnt a necessity but it’s nice, you know?

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found out why my tv won’t start, i need to update the firmware and the only way to get it is to call them. no download links online or anything

:( I wish the “phone call or nothing” thing was seen as an accessibility problem because it is I cant use my tv because I cant call them

i'm *considering* moving my daily life rambles there, and using this account for like, bigger projects and things that need my Being In Public hat.

note the "considering" part of that sentence, i need to use it for a while and feel the ~vibes~ and such, i just made an account like, an hour ago. but a cool person is running it and the @ is fun

confession: I use the bun emoji most of the time because they show up early in my emoji picker on android :bun_mlem:

current setup with awesomewm :) still playing around with things, like eventually my tags will have icons and not the words of what they are, but it's mostly there already which is awesome (haha)

i'm really impressed by how little time it took me to get my setup to look similar to my i3wm setup. ...of course, i already figured out what colours i like where, which sped things up. But still.

request for tech support 

is there a way to make the thing you are focused on with your keyboard in your browser more obvious, because this has been bugging me. (in screenshot, notifications is selected by me pressing tab a few times)

some things on websites look obvious but not everything. ideally i could just slap on a bright purple border or something, but. i do not know how to do that to every website

auto generated list of what I listened to 

My last week's top scrobbles

Top artists:
The Garages, Son Lux, The Paper Chase

Top albums:

Top tracks:
firewalker with me, eyes in the dark, We Know Where You Sleep

(via Pano Scrobbler)

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this happens more often than you’d think.

...plurality is interesting

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