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Hello! We're a newer system (came out 2022) that has been looking for places to safely explore plurality. We knew what "plural" was, but didn't give it much thought until someone blatantly pointed out that our experiences sounded like multiplicity. Looking back to some journals on identity written in 2020 re: our Dreamwidth, it's sort of surprising we didn't figure it out sooner.

Since then we've been spending our time on researching the differing terminology and ways to present, trying to find something that fits us nicely enough to use. We're not huge on labels, but some have been very useful. That said, so far we identify most with terms like "facet," "median," and "introject." These, along with the labels associated with each facet, might change in the future as we learn more about the community and ourselves.

Since it needs to be said in most places these days, we're a kink-positive adult. None of us care what you draw/write/whatever and we're firmly against harassment for any reason. Please don't talk to us if you're a minor. Also, please avoid us if you're associated with any names like "anti" or anything like that. We've had bad enough experiences with exclusionism without ideologies like that bogging down queer folk.

We're aroace, go by he/him pronouns (Twilight goes by she/her or she/they), and are often busy with research/college/work.

We're happy to make friends and are here to do so! We might seem scary or intimidating at first, but it's just a precautionary setting of boundaries.

If you want to contact us, you can do so here or on our Dreamwidth. We will likely respond faster on the latter site!


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Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.