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you can have ALL KINDS of objections to a religious doctrine. you can object on interpretation of scripture, you can object to the tenets of an individual sect, you can object to a religious group as a mortal hierarchy. but please don't immediately go for 'this is fake lol'

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gonna note once again that describing people's religion as a 'fantasy' is a shitty thing to do when there are much more temporally-relevant reasons for why they're behaving like a complete pylon

please try not to resemble 'angry atheist youtube man' as much as possible, thanks

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"The pumpkin toadlet, which is a frog but not a toad, is so terrible at landing its jumps that its sheer incompetence has become a subject of scientific inquiry." Sabrina Imbler reports for Defector:

This passage elevates the whole thing to high comedy:

> Finding bug-sized frogs in Brazil is an arduous task. Even though a pumpkin toadlet is as bright as a Cheeto, the leaf litter teems with neon fungi and other orange-colored life. “It is extremely hard to catch underneath the leaf litter,” [grad student André] Confetti said. “Especially for me, because I’m colorblind.”

#science #biology #news #herping #frogs #jumpeing 🐘

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gender/name change laws 

@Stoori @enum @SigmaOne @AgathaSorceress @phseiff

meanwhile in Brazil we continue to have self-ID and you can just show up at a notary office and change your name/gender. tomorrow there's a roaming notary service celebrating Pride, you bring your IDs to a tent and do it for free on the spot:


Brazil is definitely not a fun place for trans people, it just amuses me to no end that the country with a Latina culture of machismo, a dictator-wannabe in power, and the world's highest anti-trans violence has self-ID gender change and nobody cares; while in progressive Europe it's this big deal that's too radical even for the left-wing parties

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Don't let anyone tell you that you're dressing 'wrong.' You're an adult, and you can dress how the fuck you want, and if anyone says shit, they are the creep, not you.


We got a perfect score on our first test in only 7 minutes!! 📚​

@pile_of_cats Ooh, it looks like fun! We'll check it out! 📚​

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today i learned that jrr tolkein is on record as saying he doesn't like allegory

We started our first college class today!! We're so excited, we haven't been since 2017, and we're finally taking a class that has real impact to ourselves and potentially our major (we haven't agreed on one yet)! It's so nice to be a student again! 📚​

Watership Down is nowhere's near as graphic as the first movie adaptation lead me to believe. Shame. :ms_cat_pouting:

What's the worst anime you've ever watched and why? Tell us so we can watch it 😂​📚​

Swapping between the urge to share fun things we're doing and the terror of being Found Out™️​ (we aren't out on our main/s as plural). 📚​

You lose a shocking amount of respect for the absolute bear minimum of self-identification, it seems. 🕶️​

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re: People who make fun of people like me 

@enbeanpotSys GOD yeah, it's a whole lot of nothing from them, really. As if they can only feel better about themselves by bringing others down... what a miserable time that must be. 🦈​

food mention 

Julian only eats instant foods, Albert and I like too cook, but I rarely have the energy. Long story short we made box mac-n-cheese at 4am that was 2 years out of date. Compromise? 📚​

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After much consideration and personal struggle, I have decided that I should be the one to walk down the mysterious trail of odd-smelling mushrooms deep into the forest and see where it leads. Some of you will try to tell me it's too dangerous, or that it's surely a fairy's trap. I know the risks, and I've decided to follow my morels on this one

@enbeanpotSys Ultimately the problem was "you can't be kin for fun / SAY terms like kin because it steals language and you're not kin"

Apologies for misreading your comment and the long/rambly reply hjsdf

@enbeanpotSys I found one discussion and group that was saying it was something to the effect of stealing or co-opting language that wasn't theirs/didn't describe their experience? But it quickly devolved from that into "kin bad" and "you're not valid" and similar arguments. Like mentioned in my other toot, it lead to a disturbing anti-endo place and if the rhetoric eventually leads to something like that, I'm inclined to go "no thanks!" There's one particular person that seems to be "spearheading" the "movement" and it's been super weird to read.

That said, it seems to ignore "I started as kin only to discover I was plural/multiple/soulbonded/gateway/etc" which was pretty common because of tumblr. So... I guess those people just aren't valid? It's all daft, I think. :ms_shrug:​📚​

re: pokemon plushie eye contact 

@kaiyote Oh that's so cool!! I'm so jealous! 😄​📚​

@anonny125 People are afraid of tri-typing and I will never understand why.

Which Pokemon clones were you recc'd? :dragneyes:

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