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Long post ( #introduction and head count ) 

Hi! We're the Morgan system. When referring to the system/body, use e/em/er or he/him (or plural they ONLY if you're referring to all the headmates as a group). We're a traumagenic and disordered system, but we support all plurals. Our main, where we basically pretend to be one person, is . We set up this alt so we can be more visually distinct from each other here. Note, this may still be difficult because we only realized we're plural a few months ago and it's still sometimes hard for us to tell who's who. But when we do know, we'll sign off, probably as one of these (and will add more in the replies if we come to know more):

this is the system host. E prefers e/em/er pronouns, but he or other neos are fine as long as you do not call em she, they, or it. Morgan likes TTRPGs and art, and may be posting about those (although most of er art will end up on our main account). E's a nonbinary demi lesbian.

Alex is a newbie as far as we know, but they've been fronting a lot lately! She uses they/she pronouns but isn't pressed about it (don't call them it either tho). She's interested in television, mostly directing but also acting, writing, and watching. She and Morgan (I think?) have been co-writing a web series about our plurality. Hopefully one day we'll have the money and space to make it.

Despite making it in the account name, Raphael probably won't post here much (maybe on @mergerg ? Idk he's a nerd). Raphael uses he/him pronouns and is the system's oldest known alter. He's the one who does all the sciencey shit (like our classes, except this semester we didn't have any STEM classes so it was primarily Alex) and adult stuff like doctor's appointments (used to be because Morgan couldn't handle it but tbh I think now it's just that he likes the setting and all the infographs etc on the walls)

One of the system littles (there's at least one more, but she doesn't come out much and doesn't have a name yet). Max uses he/him pronouns. He loves animals and Minecraft. He tends to speak/text not *that* differently from the adults (although he's usually the one behind ":c" and ":3" faces), but to be fair we were typing pretty adult-like by the time we were his age--around 8? 9?

If Megan posts here, I pray she will have the posts set to private. I'll discuss Megan in a reply so I can put a different CW. Megan uses she/her as far as I know (but idt she cares all that much).

The cat doesn't have a name yet so he'll sign off as cat until he gets one (he wants our partner to name him lol). So far, he/him feels natural to refer to him as, but he looks down on the human concept of gender so I doubt he'd care if you called him she etc. He's the only member of the system that it's okay to call it, and even then it's just eh. He probably won't be posting here much (he also looks down on human language, and prefers his communication in the form of gently biting people), but the rest of us may refer to him. Again, one of us will reply to this post if he gets a name.

So far, there are a bunch of interests that we can't quite figure out whose they are, so either there are more of us or each of us just doesn't feel as strongly ourself when partaking in them. These include but are not limited to:
TTRPGs (Morgan is interested but we don't think e's the only one)
Minecraft (same as above but with Max)

As such, there are a ton of things that we might post about, but this specific alt will probably be mostly for system-related things.

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Ooh wait now I kinda wanna make a thread of polls and have singlets vote on how weird or relatable the saying is lmao (with an option for plurals who wanna see results)
Other plurals feel free to add on too

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updated pic and it's too far left but I do not care enough to go crop the image and reupload

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if you make jokes about DID and plurality because a conservative politician has been open about it, you are not making fun of a conservative politician you are making fun of people with a highly stigmatized and marginalized experience. ableism/sanism doesn’t make your point.


okay our relatable character is no longer Jadzia Dax (although, love her) we are now Adira Tal

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i took hormones for years and all I got was a rockin' bod, to be gay as hell, and this T-shirt

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Microsoft’s mistake with Tay was putting it on twitter and not a fedi instance. We could have had an aggressively gay bot and instead we got racism smh smh

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Please boost for reach. So, anyone that is working on FOSS projects like web apps, sites, Linux apps, desktop environments, or other user interfaces, please let me know if you want them tested for accessibility. I can do both CLI, web, and GUI testing, and app testing on Android. I'm running Debian (on a ChromeBook but that's not too important), so just give me the name of the package, or the URL of the site or app. I can also do Flatpak!

#a11y #foss #linux #flatpak #accessibility

My beginning story with my girlfriend would confuse so many ppl
"Yeah so we were friends for almost 10 years and for that whole time I didn't really see her that way but then I made a mermaid DND character who fell in love with her and convinced me to give her a shot"

Me: *explains how I feel about something with nuance*
My gf, who had said the same thing weeks ago and whoever was fronting disagreed: 🤦‍♀️​

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People love making foods that are definitely not salads and then calling them salads

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I just had to renew my BC prescription today and I still need to get groceries very soon. I'm doing OK food-wise for right now, but I just want to make sure I'm comfortable so I'm not scrambling as the month ends

As usual anything and everything is appreciated~$melaniemoo


catboy who bites his gf's hand if she puts it in his face, gf who does it anyway bc she thinks it's cute when he does

B sends us like every post she sees about mermaid girlfriends 🥺

re: Hannibal 

He's rlly just my personality (at least the mentally ill parts) with my partner's aesthetics and vibes, prolly why my gf loves him so much (when I finally let her show me Hannibal, he came up and she pointed at him and said "he's my special little guy!" And yk... I am also her special little guy)

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Idt anything will ever be funnier or more relatable than Will Graham dissociating and then when someone asked him abt it him saying "Gone Fishin'"

(Yes ik there are plurals who are entirely human and otherkin singlets, but I feel like the sudden change from human to mermaid is at least kind of a plural thing?)

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Plural things: having to explain to your sister that you no longer need her to teach you how to swim but you would like help with figuring out how to swim in a human body

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Like, we were having trouble bc it's hard to both breathe air and swim at the same time (new species dysphoria unlocked) but for the periods that we held our breath or whatever we were fine??? Literally I was like "yeah ik but look I cant swim" and then I just fucking? Swam???

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Is it possible to simply acquire new instincts with new headmates? Like, a recently formed alter has instincts that the host doesn't have? Bc we went to the pool today and uhhhh I can swim now???

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Hey, uh, cis people in my life: I'm going need y'all to spread the word that the hardcore Evangelical faction in the GOP in the US (and elsewhere) is making disconcertingly genocide-y noises about trans people, because the media sure as hell isn't.

(I'm not kidding. Do this)


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