plurality, gender, sexually charged eye contact selfies 

R: our first reference for transfemininity were Brazilian travestis yes, but also transformista artists. These were performers who danced and lip-synced their way through a dramatic change in binary gender presentation.

I distinctly recall the half-half outfits, looking like a different person on each side of the face. Child us admired the power in being able to control gender like that. And freshly hatched binary girl elilla sometimes felt these impulses to maybe take control of gender in a direction that wasn't 100% high femme all the time, that desire for multiplicity. But no matter how bravely and openly we considered the question, the conclusion was always the same: I am not genderfluid, I am not bigender, I am all woman. She tried big bro's clothes a few times and was quickly reminded of what dyspho used to feel like. It didn't make sense for her to do half-half male-female asymmetry when there's no male left in us.

Butch/fem asymmetry is another matter altogether :>

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