R: there's a point where you just go, of *course* the zapatistas did mirrorwork

R: why not. how else would this go

R: here's a mirrorspell from none other than subcomandante marcos:


To See The Fourth Mirror

Find yourself a mirror you want, look at it and make yourself comfortable. Breathe deeply [C: three times]. Close your eyes and repeat three times:

—I am what I am.
I am little of what I can.
The mirror shows me what I am.
The glass, shows me what I can be.

[n.b. the mirror is meant to reflect. the glass is meant to be broken.]

Once you're finished, open your eyes and look at the mirror. No, not your reflex this time. Turn your gaze below. Turn your gaze to the left. Did you do it? Then pay attention and you'll see another image. That's right, it's a procession: folk of all genders and ages, babies to elders, coming from the Southeast. Yes, this is one of the highways people drift on towards to Mexico City. Look to the left of the caravan, can you see who's walking on that side? Nothing? No, below, on the ground! Yes, the small black thing! What's that? A beetle!


(From: Tales of the Beetle Knight Don Durito IV: The Tale of the Mirrors.)


E: R. has been using the three arrows as a banishment symbol and I thought that was funny but randomly this comes up, when Chakotin (1940) has discussed many potential interpretations of the "meaning" of the arrows:

> Finally, the figure 3 appears so often in human life, in thoughts, i npersonal life, and in history, that it has become a sort of "sacred figure".

E: and we're three.

R: he also notes that our symbol beats theirs in that they can't draw their symbol atop yours; you can cross a swastika with three arrows, but if they try the same, the swastika still looks like it's being impaled.

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