R: There you go, lady miss, be with us in the first day... ah, ugh

(trying to light a red candle. the red lighter has a broken or stuck trigger.)

R: I know you want *this* lighter, it has to work... ok let's do this, go or break (puts all her strength, it won't budge)
C: you said you'd do one for the old grampa first, remember? don't go breaking promises like that
R: ah yes right forgot
R: mean that's why it's stuck? would be funny if after we light the white candle it works
R: though I guess things are not that contrived. I should stop looking for little things as proof of realness, we already have had *very big* changes more than enough to know we can trust this
C: that is correct :chick_cat:
C: just dive in, don't be so silly all the time
R: alright sorry. we're overthinking this, it's just a cheap broken lighter, not everything is a message of occult significance.
(lights white candle using the other, flowery lighter. salutes grampa.)

R: ...
(tries red lighter on the red candle. it works.)
R: you are a complete and total troll do you know that

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