R: I missed the first of the "7 meetings with Mr. 7" event. Next one happens to be today, subscribed in time. It’s at 20:00.

20:00 Brazil time, so I'll be Zooming with paranormal entities 1:00AM from here x3

C: I did tell you, nights would be mine

R: yeah but I wasn't thinking nights as in 1AM

R: eh as if we didn’t stay up later than that all the time, let’s put those amphetamines to some use

E: brb going to shower and make myself pretty to Zoom with an ecstatic antifa demon of dance and carnality in a few hours <3

R: seriously tho I love umbanda so much. fuck. our religion. openly defied a fascist government to lead a high-profile Carnival block in full possession for no other reason than to sing about the love of singing and the right to sing.

"You can come back" was the samba they wrote 💪


dictatorship, racism, religious intolerance but like the Christians actually make us sound awesome and I’m in love with this spirit in particular 

Nation Shocked By Macumba Sorcery On Live TV

Our Nation was taken by surprise Sunday night by TV producers. What a true ambush to our good families, already grown accustomed to their favourite weekend programming. Instead, what they were exposed to were two tiresome hours of macumba terreiro cults, of hystericisms between the cigar puffs of a sorceress and the barbarian chants of a senzala slavehouse.

The police did nothing and the TV directors didn't show the slightest resolve.

The degrading spectacle, if aimed at increased audiences for the irresponsible show hosts, will rather only prove to be a threat to public peace and health, exposing us to foreigners and to ourselves as a half-barbarian, fetishistic nation.

The very next day, the newspapers noted the first consequences: street fights, insane behaviour, even a suicide [later shown to be Christian defamation btw.].
Recovering from the shock, the Nation reacted at once, protesting through organizations, family mothers and associations. The Church, of course, in the name of the eternal truths and the culture of a civilised people, was the first to protest its indignation. His High Eminence, Cardinal Sales, met his clergy at the São Joaquim Palace to study the effects of this treacherous assault and compose an official statement.

(bunch of boring stuff about how magick is backwards and uncivilised, then)

Censorship Slow to Move

The censors, who in the opinion of many are not even actually active anymore, finally showed signs of life, thanks to all the protests published in the press. Officials say they requested Brasília [the seat of the dictatorship] to suspend the two TV shows for eight days, as if this ‘punishment’ was enough to undo the evil done by…

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