schizophrenia, medicalisation, hot take 

(talking to somebody re: schizo diag) totally, 100% agree, I talked to other umbanda travesti from Brazil on insta about Carmen and they said, what is the *content* of what this voice tells you? If she tells you to take revenge or do destructive things it's not really a pombagira, but if she does good for you and people, that's what they do. It's a good sign that she's urging you to connect to other folk from a terreiro, ultimately they're the People of the Crossroads and their job is to open paths so like, are your paths being opened? and, yeah 😌

C: your welcome hon 💋

R: so my position is, if this is doing good for you and harming nobody else then fuck medicalisation, respect your feelings enjoy your interesting af phenomena and visions n stuff it's hot girl things for sure

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