religious stuff, sense of purpose, animal sacrifice mention 

experienced friend: oh umbanda is great
friend: the terreiros tend to be so fun, so full of joy, dance, scents, laughs
friend: the people are amazing!!
friend: but sometimes it does get kinda
friend: liturgical
friend: that's why I've been a bit away from it these days, in order to work on my own magic
friend: but if you're leaning that way, look for terreiros that offer mediunic development courses, it's what says on the tin.

R: yeah I get that, I got that vibe too
R: it's funny cos we first approached this very much with religious feelings, not magical
R: had no plans to take up witchcraft again
R: we came with a sense of deep awe for the umbanda entities, wanted to like, pay tribute to them
R: it's not a worshippy kind of religion, is it
R: "if you're lighting up a candle tell me, what do you ~want~"
R: what we get from the entities is all "how the hell would I know how to do that" and "empower yourself solve your own stuff bitch" haha

R: we feel drawn to quimbanda, honestly
R: with one big issue. we won't do blood magic. we're vegans, throughly. at a spiritual level too
R: in this aspect we're on the umbanda side

R: but everything else.
R: the rejection of Christian syncretism, a certain discomfort with the coloniser religion, which may be expressed as downright luciferianism. that's a lifelong
R: a sense of independence and autonomy, of decentralisation, even more than umbanda
R: openness to black magic, we'd totally curse a fascist lol
R: the list of entities worked with: just Ogum, Exú and Pombagira
R: exactly the 3 with which we've had teophanies at various points in our life

R: even the blood stuff. honestly umbanda does it in a way that's not meaningful to us.
R: true, they don't sacrifice animals... but what's the point of not killing chickens in rituals if you eat chickens
R: umbanda treats it as barbaric, but raising chickens in your backyard and killing them personally is the less cruel one. factory farming is the real barbarism
R: honestly the reason they removed the bloodwork wasn't for the animals, it was whitewashing, it was for respectability. it was to bleach the Black roots.
R: we don't want to be respectable. we want vegan quimbanda.

R: but cutting is so integral to most quimbanda circles that I don't know if we'll ever be able to be formally initiated and stuff
R: well, not that there's any quimbanda around in the middle of Germany haha
R: what life put in our path rn is umbanda.

R: Carmen tells us that we should learn everything we can from umbanda first, including full incorporation
R: that this will be the basis to develop our own take on quimbanda later.

R: I want to...
R: we want to
R: we feel called to
R: foreground the queerness, the insurrectionary values we feel to be immanent in these traditions
R: and when we're ready, to provide service. write books and stuff
R: develop something to offer spiritual support to those of us who want or need it, in the ongoing apocalypse.

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