pombagiras appreciation thread, translating pontos, gender-related violence, tobacco, Razor Blade Pombagira 

> Toldja not to provoke her
> Toldja not to pick a fight
> Her foes she rips apart
> Her foes, rips apart
> Up in the favelas, they call her Maria
> But the bourgeois all know her
> As the Razor Blade Pombagira

> Big smile on her face, weapon hidden in her skirt,
> Call her by her name, she’s Maria Razor Blade.

C: A razor blade is the weapon of sex workers.
C: For bad clients.
C: Blade’s domain is the piers at night, the street corners.

> Some men will beat women, but there are women who beat men
> By the seaside pier, Razor Blade-woman is man.
> Too smart for work, Maria
Razor Blade, puts things in their place
> Midnight at the cross-roads, make sure you light a candle
> For Razor Blade of the favelas, fierce, brave.

"she drank like a sailor, smoked like a dockworker and fought like a bouncer."

> Razor Blade told me, be careful, do it right
>She warned me, gave me her word
> She’ll kill with no blood, devour without a bite.

R: Navalha has so much butch energy 🥺

re: pombagiras appreciation thread, translating pontos, Maria Mulambo the tattered Pombagira 

R: I know "mulambeira" as like, dirty, shabby
R: (checks dictionary) yup, "rags", "badly dressed", "no moral fiber". what’s this word from anyway? kimbundu? no mention of what it meant in the original language, I gotta find a good kimbundu dictionary somewhere, but it’s clearly a slur for slaves and the homeless.

> Oh from who is it
> From who is it
> This wonderful fragrance, dancing in the air
> It's the most beautiful of roses
> The Queen, the Lady of my walk
> Mulambo!
> The prettiest lady
> Turns the rocks on the way
> into splendid roses.

> She's laughing out loud
> She's laughing out loud
> And came down to the crossing
> All covered in flowers
> With a spinny dress, her crown all in gold, Xoroquê-crowned
> Her palace was enchanted, renowned in the past wherever she passed by
> Maria Mulambo! Rose with no thorn! She's the Queen who lights up my way.

R: but most of her pontos treat her as beautiful, happy, and Queen.
R: this would mean a fully-developed spirit in umbanda cosmology…
C: yes but also, like, a queen.

> Mulambo, Divine Queen
> Magical Goddess
> Safe in her gongá, her road is open
> She walked on a flower carpet
> And didn't care for it
> Left her subjects crying
> To live in debauchery
> Queen! Woman!
> A bit of Mulambo for the faithful.

R: a symbolism of *rejecting* noble life, then. mulambeira by choice, a reversion of the slur. Bakunin pombagira.

> I used to be a queen
> Now I am of the night
> Mulambo. Woman.

> I might be poor but this here is my nobility
> And I'm happy here, cos being the Mulambo
> is all I ever wanted, all I ever wanted for me.

R: yeah most of the pontos have kind of this happy, friendly vibe to them, more than any I've heard so far. all about beauty and flowers and laughs, not what I’d expect from a ‘rags’ entity…

> How wonderful it is tonight
> The moon is shining so bright
> Open up and be ready, my folk
> Mulambo is coming down to us
> Sing a beautiful ponto
> For the Mulambo will dance
> The workings of this lady fill Umbanda with awe

C: there’s several aspects to this one, "I am of the trash and the grave, the crossing and the road". you’re thinking of Mulambo of the Trashbin, reflecting her time in the rough.

> Shabby, fickle, from the trashbin
> Maria Mulambo don’t owe you a thing
> Born of the trash, from the mouth of the trashbin
> She's Mulambo and she ain’t playin’
> Riches to rags, scraps to dust
> She's Maria Mulambo and she's all tatters

C: Trashbin is for cleansing, of course. Even in the filth she stays a pretty flower…
R: The lotus, nod nod.

R: complex, multiple superpositions of regal and poverty in conflicting stories. rags to riches or riches to rags, in one version she was poor through her life and miraculously manifested queenly regalia only upon her tragic death, a direct contradiction of the ones where she's born in luxury and finds it empty. folk myth is so chill and free :)

R: and in many songs she's of the 7 Calungas too, and a witch, so one of the cemetery pombas?
C: all of us are goths at least a bit 😌
C: but do call Mulambo more for death than love. she’s beautiful, but it's Seventh House beauty.
R: are we really going to do Locked Tomb umbanda o_O
C: it’s necromancy, what do you expect

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