browsing candidate hairstyles for Ramona-centric days ahead 

R: 😳😳😳

E: Wow. These are some _feelings_.

E: You are actually quite butchy, aren't you.

E: Maybe we'll have to compromise a little bit, sorry…

R: (…ffeeelings)

face dysphoria, eye contact, re: browsing candidate hairstyles for Ramona-centric days ahead 

R: what if we start with something like this? Look, it keeps the long hair and the bangs. Just shave one patch for added gayness.

E: Looks wonderful… on her. :thinkless:​ (The question is, would we pass at all on this. Our face is much bigger and a lot masc'er than these cis-ass girls. Shifting to a punk style sounds attractive but I don't want to look like a punkish _dude_…)

R: (poor girl.)


plurality, eye contact selfie 

R: (fiddling with hair, pulling to the side, trying to imagine the models we're seeing)
R: (oscillating in the mirror, some dude, then E., then her. just there, herself in the mirror)
R: (feels real weird and nice and weird)

plurality, eye contact selfie 

R: It's like, it's like being trans all over again. Struggling with the mirror, trying to see yourself, getting the guy (and I get my own brand of dyspho too, mind you...). Then suddenly there, a new person. You. Another person you can be.

R: The mirror-defeating technique that C. taught helps, it doesn't make everything ok suddenly, but helps.

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