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(Selfies contain: eye contact, vegan sweets, provocative clothing)

E: Ok quengas, I think it’s time for a .
R: Yeah, when we did the other one we didn’t even understand Carmelita’s nature, haha.
C: Oh you knew :chick_devil_cute:​⁠💃⁠🔥⁠​🔱​ you were just in denial.
E: Look, I don’t believe in supernatural things, ok? It’s all just, like, a metaphor or something?
E: It’s not my fault if the daemonic spirit of carnality possessing my body disagrees (u.u )

E: Hi again fediverse! We’re the quengaral system, a bunch of crazy anarchist transfem witches inhabiting a hot Latina milf bod~ 💖
R: We’re the witch of mirrors.

Elilla: I’m Elilla (she)! I’m a binary high-femme diva. I like community, caring for people, pink and sparkly things.
Ramona: Hi I’m Ramona (she/they)! I’m something like a femby. I like fights, non-colonial ways of seeing, and revolution.
Carmen: Hi I’m Carmelita (she) ☆ I’m a travesti pombagira eshu and I like <censored>, <censored> and <censored>why are you censoring me :p
E: Otherwise we’d have to put half a dozen CWs in the introduction
C: Hnf (mock pouting) (actually she’s proud of this)

R: Ok so we’re a mixed, spiritual, amnesiac system rejecting medicalisation. Me and E. have been around in incipient forms, yay trauma, but we came to the front upon gender transition, which we experienced as a break in identity.
E: The first time I came through was crying, I cried so much
R: You still cry so much
E: Proud of it too ^.^

E: Carmelita came later. She just… _descended_, all at once.
C: rose
C: we come from below :chick_giggle:
R: Travestis are a transfeminine culture from Brazil. I don’t think this is fully documented anywhere, but many travestis claim special relationships with the female spirits of pleasure and freedom in umbanda shamanism.
E: You see a lot of "bitch wanted to backstab me but my pombagira is stronger than hers", that kinda thing.
C: Your kind has attracted my kind since forever
C: Tasty treats ♥
E: Didn’t really expected that to happen to me – I was a proud skeptic, remember – but honestly it’s the best thing to have happened in my girly girl life
E: I love her. she’s brought us so much. we _are_ so much, being her
E: Highly recommend being possessed A+ would become legion for we are many
C: you’re well on the way hon ^.~

R: Properly C. is not a purely exogenous personality but something like a plural self manifesting the influence of a spirit guide.
R: Though this is true of all possession. The metaphor umbanda mediums like to use is lattes: the spirit is the coffee and the medium the milk, and what you see is the mix, to various degrees.
C: We’re a 50/50 pingado blend :chick_coffee:
R: Carmen said it’s pretty common for mediums to be plural to being with, what is called "animism" or "mystification" in our tradition.
C: Makes the whole process easier, you know?

R: The three of us are highly verbal and talk mentally all the time. E. and I co-front and switch often, C. fronts too more on special occasions…
C: …for now 🔥
E: I was fronting first and R. was a protector, did emerge to protect us in a few very memorable occasions.
R: I’m out more regularly now.
R: This written sketch format has been highly productive for us too.
C: you still ain’t seen nothing. you’ll ~really~ enjoy the experiences you’re going to get in the near future :)

E: We have a couple less talkative sysmates.
mirrorgirl: Hii 👋
E: (smile) Mirrorgirl is who I used to call "Girl Who Could Never Have Been". She’s our counterfactual self from a chlidhood where we got to be a girl.
R: She’s not simply an inner child but a Promised Child—not a hurt child to protect, but someone who burns down the school then jumps its walls.
m: And don’t look back. I’m a *girl* and I did *not* deserve that, fuck all of them.
R: (wiping tears from the body as we write this) Therefore she’s the Girl Who Can Now Be 😌
R: She shows us drawings from behind the mirror. She’s the only one of us who can use the mind visually, the rest of us can’t conjure images.
m: I'm an artist (=^_^=)

E: Then there’s niichan.
(E. gesture towards the vast, boundless sea.)
R: Big bro is our identity from before transition. He’s dead.
E: We glance him on the mirror from time to time. We used to have a phobia of mirrors, from way back in girlhood, you know? It was scary. We long called him "the doppelgänger".
R: Then with Carmen’s guidance we brought him back via necromancy to have a chat (Carmen has a thing for making us play with our fears). He’s not a terrible guy, turns out. He fought a lot for us to be out.
E: Doesn’t talk or front. Niichan didn’t really liked existing, you know? I think he was in some ways a protector, too, a shell over us. And now he rests beneath the sea.
R: We call him "deadname", or "the draugr".

R: We have codified our mirrormagick as spells here:
R: All of them work even if you don’t believe in magic
R: Magic believes in you ;)

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umbanda posession, plurality-adj, caps 

R: Opened the pombagira book to review the Dream Vessel spell, randomly saw some bits about possession that we found funny

> Westerners [R: book gringo excludes Brazilians from this category] have learned to fear possession, because in this state we believe we lose control over the social creation we like to call a self. We should not fear possession, if anything it expands our being.

E: yup.

> When she comes down into our body we will first feel a pressure, an intensity that fills us from the centre and then expands out and meets something that erupts from beneath our feet. You will feel compelled to laugh and curse.

E: yup, checks out.
C: told you, "comes up".

> Though in time this violence or crisis will soften, the same sensation of being taken over will be a constant.

R: it feels great, honestly
E: (exxagerated sexy voice) take me Carmencita~ take me <3
C: oh, always <3

> It is here that the genuine possession takes place, which for some can pave the way for a two-headed possession.

R: aka co-fronting.
E: What he's calling "genuine possession" is what umbanda people call "unconscious possession", right? Full amnesia.
R: According to the discussions we've been following these are becoming ever more rare among mediums, for transcendental reasons. Some are questioning whether they even exist.
C: Oh they do.
C: We'll ride you that way on the congá, it will be a learning experience.
C: No don't edit that, there's a reason why I said "we" ;)

> The dynamic depends on which Pombagira is taking shape. Maria Padilha is usually of a gentler kind, while the Crossroad Pombagiras are harsh and critical and those of the Lyre-and-Street often push your limits and boundaries.

E: As if there was ever any doubt about which realm is yours (snarky side look)
C: Literally made you pick the name meaning "song". I’m nothing if not transparent (^.~)-☆

> The Spirit Book can prove to be useful—
C: DO THE DAMN BOOK already (u.u 💢)
E&R: sowwy 👉👈

> …since these spirits tend to be quite talkative when they get going.

R: You don’t say.
C: As if you 2 weren’t matracas with no off button :p

> …you will notice an upsurge of enthusiasm, creativity and inspirations of various kinds.

E: Overwhelmingly so, yes.

> likewise, she inspires song and poetry—so allow this creative impulse to flow into your life.

R: as if we could do anything else ^^;

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religious stuff, sense of purpose, animal sacrifice mention 

experienced friend: oh umbanda is great
friend: the terreiros tend to be so fun, so full of joy, dance, scents, laughs
friend: the people are amazing!!
friend: but sometimes it does get kinda
friend: liturgical
friend: that's why I've been a bit away from it these days, in order to work on my own magic
friend: but if you're leaning that way, look for terreiros that offer mediunic development courses, it's what says on the tin.

R: yeah I get that, I got that vibe too
R: it's funny cos we first approached this very much with religious feelings, not magical
R: had no plans to take up witchcraft again
R: we came with a sense of deep awe for the umbanda entities, wanted to like, pay tribute to them
R: it's not a worshippy kind of religion, is it
R: "if you're lighting up a candle tell me, what do you ~want~"
R: what we get from the entities is all "how the hell would I know how to do that" and "empower yourself solve your own stuff bitch" haha

R: we feel drawn to quimbanda, honestly
R: with one big issue. we won't do blood magic. we're vegans, throughly. at a spiritual level too
R: in this aspect we're on the umbanda side

R: but everything else.
R: the rejection of Christian syncretism, a certain discomfort with the coloniser religion, which may be expressed as downright luciferianism. that's a lifelong
R: a sense of independence and autonomy, of decentralisation, even more than umbanda
R: openness to black magic, we'd totally curse a fascist lol
R: the list of entities worked with: just Ogum, Exú and Pombagira
R: exactly the 3 with which we've had teophanies at various points in our life

R: even the blood stuff. honestly umbanda does it in a way that's not meaningful to us.
R: true, they don't sacrifice animals... but what's the point of not killing chickens in rituals if you eat chickens
R: umbanda treats it as barbaric, but raising chickens in your backyard and killing them personally is the less cruel one. factory farming is the real barbarism
R: honestly the reason they removed the bloodwork wasn't for the animals, it was whitewashing, it was for respectability. it was to bleach the Black roots.
R: we don't want to be respectable. we want vegan quimbanda.

R: but cutting is so integral to most quimbanda circles that I don't know if we'll ever be able to be formally initiated and stuff
R: well, not that there's any quimbanda around in the middle of Germany haha
R: what life put in our path rn is umbanda.

R: Carmen tells us that we should learn everything we can from umbanda first, including full incorporation
R: that this will be the basis to develop our own take on quimbanda later.

R: I want to...
R: we want to
R: we feel called to
R: foreground the queerness, the insurrectionary values we feel to be immanent in these traditions
R: and when we're ready, to provide service. write books and stuff
R: develop something to offer spiritual support to those of us who want or need it, in the ongoing apocalypse.

E: my body _is_ a temple, you know
E: it's just that my religion is pombagiras 💃

E: ouch this injection hurt too much I can't walk :( maybe I should stay in bed...
C: oi :chick_cat:
C: (drinks wine from the bottle, stomps, laughs out loud all day. spin. dance.)

E: was having a lot of trouble with anxiety and time management crashing into insomnia but was put to bed by spirits 😌

I mean this as sincerely as I can, having invisible fremds is such an asset ✨

R: completely separate accounts and devices: good for opsec, good for plural feels :ms_ok_hand_clw:

E: help my headmate won't stop having positive feelings about the idea of shaving all our hair
(• ▽ •;)

plurality positivity week 

Join us Sunday, July 18, 2021, for the virtual Plural Positivity World Conference!

R: plural achievement that looks minor but actually felt so good: signed something public as myself for the first time
E: you got cool handwriting too ^^

I guess the best compromise between security and usability will be to have a separate device with tor and stuff

(gets a used phone)
(installs lineageOS)
(feverish couple days of intense hyperfocus on configuration, hardening, exploring alternatives, rooting to privileged fdroid, buying dogecoin???, setting up secure rsync backups etc.)

ah finally a decent setup, this feels good :>

R: (starts using her accs on the separate phone)
E: :thonking: ...oooh. oh!
E: so this is what this was all about

our feelings on being hypersexual when you're plural 

E: unanymous opinion here: being more than one person in bed is fantastic :plural_heart:

E: R. has been using the three arrows as a banishment symbol and I thought that was funny but randomly this comes up, when Chakotin (1940) has discussed many potential interpretations of the "meaning" of the arrows:

> Finally, the figure 3 appears so often in human life, in thoughts, i npersonal life, and in history, that it has become a sort of "sacred figure".

E: and we're three.

R: he also notes that our symbol beats theirs in that they can't draw their symbol atop yours; you can cross a swastika with three arrows, but if they try the same, the swastika still looks like it's being impaled.

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R: there's a point where you just go, of *course* the zapatistas did mirrorwork

R: why not. how else would this go

R: here's a mirrorspell from none other than subcomandante marcos:


To See The Fourth Mirror

Find yourself a mirror you want, look at it and make yourself comfortable. Breathe deeply [C: three times]. Close your eyes and repeat three times:

—I am what I am.
I am little of what I can.
The mirror shows me what I am.
The glass, shows me what I can be.

[n.b. the mirror is meant to reflect. the glass is meant to be broken.]

Once you're finished, open your eyes and look at the mirror. No, not your reflex this time. Turn your gaze below. Turn your gaze to the left. Did you do it? Then pay attention and you'll see another image. That's right, it's a procession: folk of all genders and ages, babies to elders, coming from the Southeast. Yes, this is one of the highways people drift on towards to Mexico City. Look to the left of the caravan, can you see who's walking on that side? Nothing? No, below, on the ground! Yes, the small black thing! What's that? A beetle!


(From: Tales of the Beetle Knight Don Durito IV: The Tale of the Mirrors.)

R: ...I know this feeling, we're riding again.
R: Everything just, just works. All these synchronicities. We think idly "this is too much", space opens. We think "would be nice if X", X happens. Like walking around city and every light turns green right when you approach it.
R: Are *you* doing that? We're not even doing rituals or anything. I mean other than the daily coffee but.
C: you're opening stuff for us aren't you? thats just how it all works, the folk is on your side.
C: mutual relationship, remember? no one is expecting you to grovel
C: ok I am, but you know~

R: There you go, lady miss, be with us in the first day... ah, ugh

(trying to light a red candle. the red lighter has a broken or stuck trigger.)

R: I know you want *this* lighter, it has to work... ok let's do this, go or break (puts all her strength, it won't budge)
C: you said you'd do one for the old grampa first, remember? don't go breaking promises like that
R: ah yes right forgot
R: mean that's why it's stuck? would be funny if after we light the white candle it works
R: though I guess things are not that contrived. I should stop looking for little things as proof of realness, we already have had *very big* changes more than enough to know we can trust this
C: that is correct :chick_cat:
C: just dive in, don't be so silly all the time
R: alright sorry. we're overthinking this, it's just a cheap broken lighter, not everything is a message of occult significance.
(lights white candle using the other, flowery lighter. salutes grampa.)

R: ...
(tries red lighter on the red candle. it works.)
R: you are a complete and total troll do you know that

R: we have become a person people call to when they have an overwhelming or moving mystical experience and need to talk to somebody

R: we have become emotional support for people who have the sensitivity, but are in a social environment, or even personal cosmology situation, where they can't come out with it in any other way

R: we feel very consonant and 'this is our mission' kind of feelings about this 😌

enthusiasm caps, queer religion collective 

R: we talked with the Razor Blade Collective on their first meeting and they're everything we dreamed of, not just a queer umbanda crew but actively engaging with all the stuff we care about involving it. whitewashing, stereotypes, ancestral debt, gender vs. tradition etc.

E: "We're going to organise a massive gira exclusively with LGBTQ folk, I'm telling you right now we're going to change the structures of the universe so much that it's going to RAIN GLITTER" ✨✨✨

E: even the cis gays there have concluded the same thing as us, pombagiras are totally travestis
C: that one's kinda obvious
R: they're also organising concretely in many ways to support queer folk who face prejudice in terreiros. we're going to update umbanda girls

E: I look forward to try and be part of this and describe myself as "elilla, anarchist, possessed umbanda witch, registered antifa and member of the Razor Blade Collective" ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

C: come on, you know you ~are~ a part of this already, folx there love you too

our mom (Catholic): "you seem happy and lively these days"
our mom (Catholic): (sends gif of sexy devilgirl doing a shimmy with a trident)

E: …I guess we’re pretty easy to read

R: been kinda disconnected from spirits, it's nostalgic to hear an old one talk to me again 😌
R: this practice is not something that will punish you or anything, you do workings together, if you stay away they'll be *there* when you come back, and chill
R: but we do have specific kinds of dysfunction that are much easier to manage with spiritual support, without that, been falling into old patterns...
E: and dunno _she's_ been quiet these days, and I feel she's, like, important? like we're missing something if she's not fronting
C: I'm right here, you know?
C: you can just ask? lol
C: all's chill tho

E: ah yes the four Figure Suits of the Minor Arcana: Daddies, Dommes, Butches and Femboys

kink + spirituality 

them: hi I saw your ad, I'm genderqueer and very masochistic
me: :owo:
them: yeah I'm recovering the tradition behind what was institutionalised in my culture as religion, what it means to be queer and trans and reclaim those spiritual roots, I wanted to know more about my fascinating grandparents but found this to be in me instead, it's just, so strong
me: :owo: :owo: :owo:

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