@SaulRS951 some folk prefer a notice before reading pol stuff, and while there are also really good reasons why e.g. bipoc people choose not to put their own things behind CWs, 1) this isnt the same type of thing really and 2) im not educated or in the position to clarify that particular note, sorry :P

another reason i put it though is because i can place a + (positive) sign right away, so that someone reading doesnt have to be left anxious about whether this is a positive or negative thing before reading—i have a few friends who follow me (and just myself :P) who this helps their anxiety/general fatigue with, so it seemed kind to do!

in general i dont really think of CWs as "warnings" with the same connotations of danger or scary theyre used for elsewhere—for me theyre literal descriptions of the contained content, so people can make a decision whether theyre in a state of mind (or just interest) to look at the moment!

(again though, note that other people, including anyone but especially marginalized communities who often personally have a lot of experience with censorship and being unheard, can have different relationships & feelings toward CWs. its generally always best to respect others and seriously consider the perspectives theyre coming from!)

libraries & pol + 

@quasar Here's hoping Houston and Harris County do the same soon. (Yes, there are two separate library systems for the city and the county. It's weird.)

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