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"Breaking: Judge Steven Logan has denied an Apache injunction to halt destruction of Oak Flat by mining giant Rio Tinto.

He quoted a case saying, "The exclusive right of the U.S. to extinguish Indian title has never been doubted. And whether it be done by treaty, by sword, ... by purchase, by the exercise of complete dominion adverse to the right of occupancy, or otherwise, its justness is not open to inquiry in the courts."

Oak Flat is set to be transferred to Rio Tinto as private property for mining on March 11th."

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:boost_ok: indigenous land destruction, current, action links 

"A Judge. In 2021. Just said it was the right of the US to extinguish Indian title by treaty or SWORD.

When Natives say the system’s anti-Native. We mean it. To this day US enforces laws specifically attacking & discriminating against Natives.

And it’s allowed b/c we’re ignored."

"this is so fucking devastating. please dont ignore this. we need to pay attention and fight this however we can.

here are some resources on ways to help.

donations, spreading the word, contacting state reps, and protesting/direct action are all things we can be doing.

you can also follow ProtectOakFlat for more updates. please pay attention. we need to end colonization before it destroys everything."

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:boost_ok: indigenous land destruction, current, action links 

A little something from 2015...

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