quirk [GG], mh (-), memory 

i dont like the way my memory workssss


quirk [GG], mh, memory, ableism i guess??? 

usually my sense of memory doesnt bother me but today it feels like everyone is attacking the way it works at a fundamental level and it is making me more than a little suspicious it does not work the same way everyone elses does

but like how tf do i actually figure out if thats true or not, people think im crazy for paying any attention to this kind of thing in the first place

quirk [GG], mh, ableism 

today has just been "guess everyone else thinks im fucked up in the head and theres nothing i can do about it" nonstop

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quirk [GG], mh, ableism 

yall i have a hard enough time dealing with *myself* being worried about that, pleease give me a break

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