quirk [GG], dreams 

i swear when i first wake up im able to imagine, _so_ vividly, scenes which arent actually happening-- like this morning in my mind i was in bed—same room, same bed—and it was _covered_ with a bunch of stuff. so i was clearing it all away and i could *feel* the sensations of moving everything around... and i lie back down and something shifts in my perception and suddenly i realize oh dangit, that was a dream.


quirk [GG], dreams 

the first time this happened recently i kept logged in this post:

the second time was a few mornings ago, same day as this (contents of this thread not relevant tho):

i decided to head back to sleep for a bit and had another dream where there was some gigantic construction going on inside our house? nearing the end of the dream i was considering checking my computer (which- in my dream- id left open on a certain bandcamp), but i realized, oh, all this construction must have made the power go out.

but thennn as the dream was ending, i realized, wait, this is just a dream! of course my computer wouldnt be powered off! so... my consciousness floated out of my bed and looked at the screen???? it was really weird, everything was upside down i think. anyway yes, the screen was still open on that bandcamp.

but then i ACTUALLY woke up and thought "why would that be open," and it was like... oh, duh. *all* that was a dream.

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