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quirk [GA] 

Bitches Have Plausible Kanayability

Im Bitches

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hello! time! :'D

we are quasar nebula (or just nebula for short). were a pretty new plural but are tentatively describing ourselves as a median cloud of homestuck fictives; weve been around on the fediverse before but have joined so we can have a specific place to talk to folx and write about our progress fumbling about with the whole figuring-this-out thing :')

some of our typing quirks are not screenreader-accessible unfortunately; well be tagging any such toots with the "quirk" content warning!

ill have this toot pinned, with introductions for each of us in reply!


oh hey we just got reminded that tomorrow starts Plural Acceptance Week and the (Plural Positivity World Conference)!

i think this is their 2nd annual, and we weren't there for the first one so we don't know much about it. looks like a lot of neat sessions being aired on youtube, though. schedule is at

quirk [GG], dream logs (long), pets 

turns out mom had gone to the furthest back aisle, and here there were a few real living cats in cages -- turns out this was a pet store too, to my surprise! (which dont even exist irl anymore here, theyve been banned for years.) she picked out a cat we would take home as company for the cat we already had, and we took them to the cashier to purchase, which was no bother. then we started walking them back to the car, holding their cage the whole way (which i was worried would be really heavy to carry, but mom assured it was no issue). we probably eventually got home, but... the third and last dream ended there!

im mostly just recounting these because i dont normally have *such* vivid dreams (or so many in one night), so i wanted to get them on record :3

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long) 

mom was done first so she entered without me; when i followed in, i saw the store was pretty small, and she was already over near the back of the store. there was a kinda old man mopping the floor along the path between me and mom; i didnt want to get in the way of his work, so i went along some side aisle. he called out for someone to pass a mop bucket, i think? i was gonna send over a cart with something similar in it but he gestured that no, thats not what he was looking for, but he appreciated the effort anyway. i went around the side aisle and eventually met next to mom (i think i had to pass the guy mopping, and squeeze through some really really tight aisle shelves). mom asked me if there was anything i wanted there; the shelves were full of candy and chocolate bars and that kind of thing. i wasnt sure, but eventually i think decided on some funky chocolate bar i recognized but hadnt seen the brand of for years.

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long), covid mention 

the *third* and final dream was a lot shorter, but had the most conscious texture (i can remember it really vividly): mom and i were walking around some city i was unfamiliar with, trying to navigate to the entrance of a corner store supposedly part of a samey-looking block of buildings. i picked up some trash along the side of the road and took it to a public garbage can, and when i came back to mom she said she didnt want me touching the flaps of those, since theyre kinda gross and were in the middle of a pandemic, which is understandable. but a moment later we found the entrance of the store, and there were sinks to wash our hands in as well as hand sanitizer pouches (which i guess my dream brain decided are a thing, lol), so we both got ourselves clean there.

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long), cops 

he just said sorry, this is what he has to do, and took the template and started tearing it up, chewing the pieces, and spitting them back out and into the trash. faaaantastic. after *that*, i was assigned to one of the "mothers", and i was to follow her out as she took me to another police department. there were a couple more shenanigans but theyre not relevant to the main events of the dream at all; the dream ended before we walked out of the parking lot.

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long), cops 

while i was being mostly peaceable, that kid was struggling against the cop as they were walked in, saying something like "my estrogen is *not* making me more violent!" i muttered under my breath "same", catching their attention for a moment, but they were quickly rushed out of the room, ordered to follow the directions of a "mother" they were assigned to.

i had to wait around longer before it was my time to leave. the same cop sat me down beside himself, holding up the only things i remembered having on hand: the sheets i use for keeping track of normal tasks every day, and the template papercraft i use to read and write on that sheet. he scrubbed out all the entries i had on that page while i was watching; it wasnt a huge deal, but i knew there was nothing i could do. i just asked that he wouldnt do the same with my template, since it is kind of hard to make and it was the only other thing i had on me.

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long), cops 

after that scene *i* was arrested in a police department of some sort? it was really fucking weird and not at all like ive read about them being like in real life. maybe i was still the lady from earlier but i think this was a separate chunk of the dream and she didnt really exist as a character anymore, and anyway i was clearly less guarded than i shouldve been if i were her. a cop guarded me through their department, punched a few things into a computer, and eventually took me up some stairs and into a surface-level room with a bunch of windows, opening into the shopping area of a town i (irl) live near. there were a couple other kids standing around in that room, but mostly grownups standing stiff and idle, who the cop referred to as "mothers". i was told to wait there while the cop went to bring another person up into the room, a trans kid about my age.

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long), cops, gun violence 

my second dream i was in this below-ground cafeteria or something? it was mostly empty. somehow i had heard (or came into the dream with the knowledge of, or something) that there was a (trans?) woman whod shot an old lady in that room. i didnt see the violence but did the aftermath; there were medical people around the old lady making sure she was okay, and cops coming to take the woman who fired away (she was just sitting on one of the cafeteria tables, expression morose, holding a gun of some sort). again idk if someone told me or it was just something i knew, but apparently she "didnt really feel like it anymore" as/after she fired. at some point my perspective shifted to hers for a moment, and i thought she should resist as the police took her away, but she did nothing.

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quirk [GG], dream logs (long), burglars 

geez i had like three dreams over the course of last night and this morning, and they were all so much more visual, textural than they normally are...

first dream i was putting on a stage play of some sort with a few other people. someone at the front of the audience said the fashion style of one of us (i cant remember if it was me or someone else) was amazing, and that... them/me and "the other enby" were "their otp"??? and then both of us kissed. after that it was my brother and i at home late in the night alone, and i remembered being warned about burglars who might try to break in. eventually i saw through our curtain blinds someone drive just past our house, slow down, and then into our driveway; i was scared this was the burglars, so i told my brother to hush and got a knife and hid by one of the doors. (which retroactively is a bullshit idea for keeping safe, but thats what dreamself thought!!) but the dream ended right then.

quirk [GG], dogs, birdsite link 

our datefriend sent us a link to skydogs and i have had it on loop for hours

(vid description: it's two adorable husky-looking dogs walking around and stretching on top of a glass block in the floor. the video is recorded from under the glass, so you're seeing all this from below, as though the dogs are in the sky)

do what you gotta do to plead your case with the insurance companies ig but like,

i'm not "born in the wrong body," this is the only body i could possibly have had but we've got the tools to help me escape the rigid Western binary conception of gender and what my body ought to be and do and i think that's rad as hell and i want to use them

i'm not here for your pity thanks
i'm trans as in transcend

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quirk [GG], stim, re: last boost 

tough-plastic dog bones are the best stim toy and i will not hear a word to the contrary

I think homestuck 2 should give june and jade chew stim toys and/or chew jewelry
no i dont care what ppl would come up with to be upset about it for i want to see it anyways chew stim stuff is good

by far my worst personality trait is that i think responding to things with "cope" is extremely funny

quirk [GG], code demo 

seeking works now too, and synchronization is a lil better :3

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Hi, we would like to share a symbol that we made. This is the treble ampersand. It combines the ampersand (&) and treble clef (𝄞) to symbolize both manyness and harmony.

It is for all who identify as plural, no matter what created them or what diagnoses they do or do not have. You may use it freely and even sell merchandise with it. You do not need to credit us. All that we ask is that you do not claim ownership of it, nor police others in their use of it. We have made this symbol public domain.

We have also made this in several pride flag colors. You can see them on our Dreamwidth. There is also the regular black version.

We hope that you enjoy. ☺️

quirk [GG/YF], psych appointment results (+), depersonalization mention 

also god fucking damn we actually felt present in conversation, body, and mind all but entirely through a psych appointment for once, thank goodness lol

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things don't have to make sense or have justification

let feelings and the moment be your guide

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there is no rhyme nor reason to when we use singular or plural pronouns

and fuck it, that's valid too

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