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GG: dog in space
GG: its her place now
GG: funny how we ever thought it was ours

GG: dog in space
GG: where is she now?
GG: funny how we ever thought she was ours

sm odyssey, fancy pants 

GG: watching the runner stomp rabbits is giving me fpa2 memories
GG: (

grandia 3 728% damage ratio 

GG: okay i ended up figuring out how to do this better lol

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GG: everyone goes to bed at like all but f*cking midnight and by that point i have to sleep!! so i never ever get time where the house is just quiet!!

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GG: summer sucks i dont like it


@quasar i have a weird relationship with ff13 where I think that it's a fantastic game made of terrible elements and a terrible game made of fantastic elements. Every cool thing about it combines to make a lackluster game, but every awful thing about it coalesces into a pearl of fun. The cool things and the awful things are identical.


GG: someone described ff13 as feeling like a visual novel and thats pretty fair lol

seekToStart method, code shenanigans 

GG: pretty proud of this function! :0

one of the best career moves i ever made was learning how to double jump

grandia 3 300% damage ratio 

GG: holy heck i dont know where to take note of this but

grandia 3 

GG: ive transcribed what can only be 5-10% of the game at *most* and that alone is just shy of 20k words

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GG: my favorite terrible, evil game dev idea (for a heavily story-based game) is to always make scenarios which are seemingly random actually predetermined like, hours in advance, by *other* decisions you make
GG: i want it to be a gargantuan gauntlet of secretly branching paths for speedrunners and game hackers and anyone whos ever used a save state to figure out

ufc, joke 

GG: the fact that i have no idea how to spell his name is indicative of his onsetting irrelevance. Good.

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