420, dissociation, personal, ~ 

Hey we're feeling really dissociated and we think we're switching fronts or becoming aware of more of us at once, or in sequence rapidly.

We are feeling pretty depressed overall lately, but hoping we're working on making it all better, and feeling like progress is coming soon, in a lot of ways. Not sure how soon, but soon.

Is this account one where we censor the names of us? We think so. Anyways.

We are pretty sure "A" is actually not just one. We think that's more than one of us, and we're actually trying to put names on us too quickly, before we've figured out how many of us even are in here


re: 420, dissociation, personal, ~ 

I seem to hold a thread of consciousness pretty tightly while spinning through this place.

I'm mostly out of it now. It looks familiar out here too: carefully clinging to a thread that defines how I want my life story to go, but it gets tossed back and forth wildly along the way

I can feel myself holding onto that thread, going back a few steps now and then, to write something down so I make sure I answer questions someone asked, or remind myself of something.

re: 420, dissociation, personal, + 

I am still not sure how these breakdowns of how my mind works are helping me or no, yet... Feels like progress each time, though.

I am usually feeling pretty confident that I'm some form of median

I am also noticing I am feeling consistently about: the concept of plurality/singlet as some kind of spectrum of awareness; that the basic mechanics of all brains formed of neurons, is amenable to both descriptions

and it's more a matter of "how much are you aware of this" and also "what tools have you found in this space"

and i really hope im finding good tools..

I know I'm finding good friends <3

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