plural feels? hm 

We often snap when bothered while busy

We are worse while playing video games

Perhaps another way to phrase it is that A is a headmate template that fronts during video games, has trouble giving up the front, and thinks on such short timescales they don’t really want to talk unless it’s related to the current focus

Shifting to another A front or trying to shift to another headmate entirely often results in despair and apologies for snapping

Practicing ...


plural feels? hm 

We still view A as a template, more than a headmate.

It’s not so much that A only thinks on short timescales, but the A’s that are focused on a single task that’s in progress do.

Shifting into an A that is a bot more of a hybrid, the task can be “maintain relationship” and suddenly the behavior is rather different

This stuff is why I’m uncertain about plurality,
I know there are other ways to describe my behavior,
But plurality feels more ... accurate? Accessible? Personal?

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