vague, lacking context 

Oh the thing

It’s probably a bit obvious right now


personal, mh, negative 

Falling apart slowly slowly

Feel our personality rotting and peeling away

Don’t understand what’s underneath

Is it more rot or might it be better
Or just marginally better

werewolf exhibitionism 

a metal band of werewolves who play under a full moon
teasing the cheering crowd as they transform
thick tufts of smoke-shaded softness tearing thru their tights
shirts shredding along with their grow[l]ing guitarists

my name, vague 

A song by that same artist turned into an art project I am working on

Pretty cool, to me

personal, pl?, ~ 

idea: plural headmate “topic of the day” tear off calendar

Each headmate dumps a bunch of ideas into a database tagged with a few tags. An algorithm shuffles them and prioritizes them a bit, creates a calendar.

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personal, pl?, ~ 

Want to dissolve into a puddle of goo, due to too much kissing. But do not have a partner in kissing range this week.

Want to focus on work and be the best professional me, but distracted by online partners.

Want to work on like 7 different things. Should write them in my journal in order to make sure I get to them this week, one per day lol

Suspect these come from different system mates

Hello! I'm new to Mastodon and ^w^

metacognition, question 

Is it ethical to tinker with my mind like this?
What does a question like that mean, when it’s myself?

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metacognition, unresearched theory 

I create myself by leaving clues to my identity when I go to sleep.
To discover them again the next day, as I wake up with no context even to where I am.

My eyes will open on a safe place I chose to sleep.
My eyes will fall on clothing I wore to bed to remind myself of one of my newer modes.
I can’t quite control who I will be tomorrow, but I can leave hints.

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metacognition, unresearched theory 

Twisting through these dimensions by destressing places that are not actively hurting.

My lunch recipe was a total flop.
I ate a bit anyways and had a long chat with a coworker about a project that isn’t due til end of April.

This helped to relieve stress related to work, opening up some bandwidth to deal with the failed cooking too.

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metacognition, unresearched theory 

Applying stress to the physics engine, by letting my desk get cluttered.
Applying stress to the data storage layer, by starting new note taking methods.
Applying stress to my memory, by trying new things.

Relieving stress by decluttering my desk.
Relieving stress by closing a note file and opening a new one in the same format.
Relieving stress by practicing old things.

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metacognition, unresearched theory 

It’s increased mental bandwidth when I engage multiple modes at once.
This can be stressful when I am consciously aware of it.
I wonder if practice helps me reduce the feeling of stress.

Encoding mental processing power into the physics engine, by leaving myself reminders.
Encoding mental processing power into the data storage layer, by writing down my thoughts.
Encoding mental processing power into my memory, by practicing specific multitasking exercises.

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metacognition, unresearched theory 

I know that there are multiple ways that I think.
It is possible to use different words to describe those modes.
It is possible to swap modes and forget the old one for a bit.

For work, I forget my romance and cooking.
For romance, I forget cooking and work.
For cooking, I forget work and romance.

A reminder will bring them back, I simply de-stress by doing less at once.

Yet, I don’t have to forget.
I can text my romantic partners about dinner plans, at work.

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metacognition, unresearched theory 

I encode my memory in different mediums.
What I wear, how I organize my home, how I store files on my computers.
Reminders that I set for myself trigger certain thoughts.

When I deprive myself of a couple senses, slow sensory input, relax.
I can recall things a little better.
I can decode parts of my memory by closing my eyes and thinking.
I can decode pats of my memory by seeking out reminders that I left myself.

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Doctor Who S01E13 

I am the Bad Wolf.
I create myself.
I take the words.
I scatter them in time and space.
A message to lead myself here.

whoa i forgot my name on this server was a different 4 letters than the other 4 letter name i use

plural memes, meta 

you know that "car drifting onto an offramp at the last second" meme?

I wanna one of those with like 4 cars drifting in various directions

Mh -, soft 

I feel like we've had to be so strong for so long that the next time someone we feel safe with gives us a hug I'm probably going to break down sobbing for 20 minutes

pl feels ~ 

Hmmm has A been creeping up again? Cmon back up a bit

pl feels 

Aaaa okay I think I managed to focus for maybe a half hour again, but it took like 10 hours to get there

And my bedtime was two hours ago

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