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@mistsystem sort of like being "depressurized" then it fades back here

About us 

Astra: Black in a Portuguese/Maderian/??/anglo body. Autistic. I thought I was ADHD as well (and apparently, our ASD clinician did as well), but that's turning out to be some visual thinking/sensory overload combo I'm still figuring out. I'm a researcher, social theorist and leftist organizer.

Baldwin: Hi, I'm also Black and the same. Quoigenic af, but I've been around for a while. I was stuck for a bit, but Astra and shout unfucked my business, so that's done. . I'm a writer, hence the name.

gatekeeping (trans, autistic, ND) 

I need to write an essay about transitioning called "wow, what the fuck was that".

The sequel could be about getting diagnosed "with" ASD (and GAD, and selective mutism) and also called "wow, what the fuck was that".

I mean, being able to live closer to who you actually are is a good thing. Hopefully being able to get some accommodations for a disability? That too. But, well...then there's everything else.

But it's over, and I'm remembering how nice it is to be in a body again. , sort of. I was around though, if above. lol

re: lewd, genitals, leftism (feel free to read this like Lewd! Genitals! Leftism!) 

This has been a "several random things that have occasionally annoyed me about being on here" moment

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re: lewd, genitals, leftism (feel free to read this like Lewd! Genitals! Leftism!) 

Probably related after dark sentiments: why even be on Mastodon (or Pleroma tbh) and be transmisic.

I have some guesses as to why this is, but I don't have the patience or wherewithal to express them.

Worrying about everybody else's shit is not my gig. Although some of us do that (and I'm trying to convince her otherwise).

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re: lewd, genitals, leftism (feel free to read this like Lewd! Genitals! Leftism!) 

Or to put it another way: I don't see any reason that i have to be an authoritarian to be a leftist, or that I have to not be a leftist in order to be an anarchist, and an anti-imperialist as well

I also don't think I have to apologize for any of that tyvm

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lewd, genitals, leftism (feel free to read this like Lewd! Genitals! Leftism!) 

(Astra) Yeah, I'm a leftist, but I'm not, like, a dick about it.

Also, dicks are pretty, especially when they're attached to girls

(Astra) I want to write more and post more about being a system of color, and read along the same lines.

What are our systems, who is in them, how do we experience things. How does the body change things (or not) in relation to that, including how people interact with it/her/etc.

Some that we've found:

re: more plurality jokes 

(if you don't know us from other accounts: our body is brown, and we get clocked as "what are you" a lot)

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re: more plurality jokes 

(we were at a Latine show once, and someone said this. it stuck with us, because...well, why wouldn't it tbh)

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re: more plurality jokes 

Astra: Baldwin, are you Autistic?

Baldwin: sis, it's hard enough being Black

Astra: Are we, though?

Baldwin: "Well technically, I'm Portuguese. 🤔​"

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more plurality jokes 

Therapist: do you experience time loss?

Self&: OK, who are you asking and why

The unbearable weirdness of being part of the Portuguese diaspora in the United States 

My god, y'all. This.

It's hard to say, really. It's sort of like a negation of self at times? But also, we get approached by Black people and asked where we're from. People be knowing, and see us. Even through the facade at times.

Baldwin: shout isn't a facade, though. She's just the one who happens to be carrying the system's vitals and all that.

Astra: very true. Our running joke is that I'm her consigliere. I may have been floating outside the body for some time (time, lol), but I'm definitely around and we talk. A lot.

Baldwin: I can confirm and affirm this, ma'am.

Left politics 

Another joke: what do you call the bottomliner in an all-anarchist plural system?

A: A platformist :p

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