Why can't we switch today?

I don't care who takes over for me. Zinnia can do it, or Raye, or the newcomer... Hell, let Zero do it. I just don't want to be here.

Abuse mention 

Well now I know where the strong feeling of identification of being a plant monster was coming from. We have a fucking carnivorous rose bush or something in our system now.

For those curious, here's what we were actually trying to post from our PS4 when we discovered we'd actually saved the clip of that glitch. It's our cave expansion in Slime Rancher and all the phosphor tangle largos we keep there.

Anybody like video game glitches? Here's one where we fell out of the world while playing NieR: Automata. (Slight spoiler in the form of the character being played - but she's on the box art anyway.)


Nil can't fully front at the moment and has to drop in and out of cofront at best so she doesn't inflict her symptoms on the body

I feel bad for her but she did ask for this.

It was a false alarm. Throat hurt all day yesterday but today we're perfectly fine.

Hi I'm half asleep and I just really love my in-sys girlfriend

Nothing like finally recovering from an upper respiratory infection that nearly put you in hospital, being healthy-ish for two weeks, and then getting sick with what is probably exactly the same thing again.

If Raye could stop letting Zero get triggered to front... that'd be really nice. I hate now our stomach always feels queasy after he's been out.

There are three distinct writing styles in this co-written story. One belonging to πŸŽ΅β€‹, one belonging to πŸŒ©οΈβ€‹, and a mix of both where we are co-fronting enough for our styles to blend together. It's interesting to see.


Food and medication mention 

Considering how much we've been coughing today, I think this will be another sleepless night.

Introduced Crash to Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron. For it being just a 'stupid horse movie' he sure was anxious during the tense parts and kept asking if various main characters survived. And commented at one point: "They can show a horse giving birth but they won't show a bit of blood?" And also: "I want a horse like her in Breath Of The Wild!"

You know what's fun? Laryngitis.

(No. It's not. Especially the painful coughing fits where your eyes water and you can't stop.)


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