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Hey Folx! Money is tight but I'm sure if you're following me, if you were gonna buy Healing Rites you have. So can I ask a favour?

Can you recommend it to someone you think would like it? Or buy it for a friend you think would love it! Or leave a review, on itch or on amazon.

I have no money for marketing and I don't want to spam people who have already read it, so a genuine recommendation is gold dust for me. Thank you, sincerely.
Also available on amazon

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asking for trans advice, catholicism, briefly mention pro-life 

sooo i kinda want to come out as a man (trans) to my grandmother, who is a very devout catholic. she is very staunchly pro life which already leads me to believe she doesn't prioritize bodily autonomy, sooo not looking great for me. that said, she has already seen my beard and, admittedly, was pretty okay about it! she asked if i wanted to shave it and i said no, and later she was like "that was rude of me, im sorry i said that." so shes a decent human being SOMEtimes!

my beard is just longer now, and i havent seen her in months. i can tell she wants to interact with me more (when calling, says she'd love to eat together sometime), but im just worried about escalated conversation about my appearance (and voice honestly). my mother is no help, very "dont say x/y/z around the family, you know how they are." (wow, thanks for your allyship, mom!)

i do honestly still wish to interact with my grandma. i do. i just kinda think things cant continue as they are, also id prefer to go Not by my deadname, EVEN for family. i know this is a major period of my reflection of how i stand with myself and my family, but i just want to communicate how id prefer to be acknowledged as calmly and maturely as possible. does anyone have any advice coming out to those with a Catholic background, since it informs so many of my experiences?

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btw I super welcome suggestions of queer, political, nerd or just generally cool spaces/events/orgs for immigrant teens aged 13-15 in the #Ruhrpott area #NRW :boosts_ok_gay:

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You know you can help fund civilian rescue ships in the Mediterranean, right? Since our European government is trying to kill people every day.

Italian government especially hates those ships and constantly gets in their way. Like they blocked a ship recently, ignoring court rulings, because they rescued too many people and things like that. It's going to get worse after the election.

Sea-Watch is preparing another ship and they are not the only ones out there.

Cron Job Activity sounds like a version of the popular party game to me. But I'm too bored-at-work rn to even consider what that version looks like.

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Oh right #SolGarden could really use help funding! The domain is renewing ($30) and obviously there's server costs too

We currently can't actually afford housing so help keeping our #BIPOC founded and led #neurodivergent community going is greatly needed!!

paypal is enginesofiron at gmail dot com
cashapp and venmo are sunfirewolf


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do you know of sci-fi spec-fic etc where all the tech is almost only in the subtext?

ideally non-USian authors, as I'm trying to exclude US media and cultural stuff from my private spaces.

also no techno-optimist or SV futurist crap pls. /tech won't save us/...


I just finished a jigsaw in which two unicorns adopted two deer.
– Glitch12

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Went to karaoke tonight for a pals birthday. Singing is a human behaviour that we've foolishly decided needs to be a skill? Same with dancing. These are just things humans do, everyone should be encouraged to dance and sing regardless of their perceived ability. It's good for the soul.

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"but what we mean isn't that it can't be translated, just that it's not like, word for word"

yeah but that's just like, words?? no word corresponds word by word to another language. word-level glossing isn't translation. like even the simplest words, do you think "cat" correspond to "gato"? yeah sure your pet cat is a "gato", but jaguars, lions and tigers are all cats and none of them are gatos. or nekos, for that matter. a sexy boyfriend is a gato but not a cat; an annoying bf can be cattish, but not gateiro, though one can sneak neko to feign one's real intentions, but that's neko-kaburi, rather than being nekoppoi; a gato can also be an improvised hack to steal energy or cable TV, while a neko can be a gay bottom, or if you burn your tongue easily you have a neko tongue, but no one will point out you have a cat tongue, nor a gato tongue, and so forth.

if that's the criterion then all words are untranslatable. of course that's not what translation is so the notion is nonsense. the so-called untranslatable words are just regular words laced with sparkling exoticism

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Kennt ihr Romane, die in Istanbul spielen?

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Entering my first rainy season in BC. Fedi friends, please share your bicycling-in-the-rain tips with me! 🌧️ 🚲

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If you want to help by running a Snowflake, make sure you are not in an area where Tor is blocked, and install the Snowflake network extension for Firefox or Chrome. It will let users in censored areas connect to Tor through your browser. More info on

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I have a friend who wants to learn HTML and make her own lil website! :blobcatmeltlove:

Can y'all recommend me learning resources that are smol web values-aligned and don't assume a deep tech background? (e.g. no W3Schools & the ilk)

Thanks friends! ✌🏻

Doom Patrol s03e01 mild spoilers 

gooooood I love this episode!! two systems being cute inside and making things better by being there for each other inside?? whoa.

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Es dauert nicht mehr lange und dann können wir die neue Ausgabe von Queerulant_in in Druck geben! Damit dich die neue Ausgabe erreicht, schließe ein Abo ab!

Queerulant_in ist für alle kostenlos. Egal ob ein Exemplar, zehn oder fünfzig Exemplare: wir schicken dir Queerulant_in an die Adresse deiner Wahl.

Du hast bereits ein Abo und deine Daten haben sich geändert?
Schreib uns eine Mail: kontakt[at]

#queerulantin #trans #queer #magazin #kollektiv #feiern

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Anyone have recommendations for good solarpunk or green anarchist science fiction?

I'm not going to pretend we're doing well, but I'm comfy right now.
– C

"a System in Anarchy"

but that's the goal, right

– C

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