search engine evangelism 

i'm extremely grateful for because sometimes the results you get on searx or duckduckgo are so commercialized--like i looked up "card catalog cabinet" on searx and the entire first 8 pages are just online shop links and pinterest

but put that same query into marginalia search and bam, no digging necessary

it's only 14 results, but they're good ones

addendum: searx is strictly a meta-search engine, and its results depend on which sources you have enabled. so it can be better or worse depending on that.

search engine evangelism 

@phosphor thanks for sharing this! It's wild to me how bizarre it feels to see search results that aren't all just The Big Business Websites.

re: search engine evangelism 

@phosphor UV: Thank you for sharing this! I think it will benefit some research projects I'm working on 😊

search engine evangelism 

@phosphor noting noting noting i want new search engine i am noting this. jotting it down as it were.

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