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anyone (in the continental u.s.) looking for a roommate? :boost_ok: 

i need to move out from where i'm currently living by september 1st, and i'd really prefer sharing a home with some cool folks over living alone, so if any of y'all might be interested in having me as a roommate, let's chat!

you can find more info here--
--and feel free to ask any questions!

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introduction / stuff we like 

hello! we're sliding over here from @element15

some general interests:

unexpected bonus to using scrap fabric instead of tissues while at home:

we're keeping it in a cardboard tissue box, but since they don't need to take up the whole volume of the box like the original tissues did, we can poke holes in the top to keep pens in! so we don't need one more object lying out on the nightstand (either a pen cup or the pen itself)

the reason for keeping a pen on our nightstand in the first place is for writing in our diary in the middle of the night

our life has improved significantly since realizing we can use some basic art supplies to turn old clothes we don't really wear into clothes that are A Lot

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do any of y'all want a bi pride friendship bracelet? i don't really consider myself bi anymore so i don't really wear it.

it's 18 cm in circumference (7 and 1/8 inches) which is, kinda small because i have small hands. if you have a piece of string lying around that you can tie into a loop that size, you can find out if it'd fit you.

selfie (no eye contact) 

today's aesthetic is the birthday party room at a skating rink or bowling alley or something

hair removal, hypothetical HRT 

we have a pair of tweezers that we carry around because it's one of those things that you never know when it'll come in handy. we recently realized that we could use it to remove hair though and hell yeah this is so much easier than shaving![1] maybe that'll change if we ever go on t and thus have more hair to remove, but we'll deal with that when it happens lol

[1] it's probably more time-consuming, but we haven't really noticed yet just because it's more enjoyable. also big bonus of not creating waste/having to replace razor blades. like i'd assume a pair of tweezers gets too worn to effectively pull hairs at Some point, but it'd probably be a pretty long time compared to razors

fashion moodboard-ing 

this is something we'd kind of been missing since leaving pinterest, but we finally figured out something that works:

depop works pretty well for finding the actual images of clothes-- you can search the entire site to see a wide variety of styles, and you can look at the items a specific person listed and/or liked if they have similar tastes to you. of course if you have fashion blogs or independent shops or any other website with clothes you like, you can save pics from there!

and for the image organizing, we use kormyen's memex tool-- --you save the images into a specific folder, and then edit the data file to add the info for each item. which is a little inconvenient sometimes, but it's a pretty simple format:

insert post title here
TYPE : image
FILE : filename.jpg
NOTE : wow i love this

there are more attributes you can add, like TAGS and DATE and some other stuff that's probably not relevant to this use-case. but yeah!

do any of y'all experience emotions as existing in a particular direction relative to yourself?

it's something we experience fairly often--for an example, the other day i was sad and i perceived the sadness as being in a direction down, back, and to the left. when this happens i can shift my awareness in that direction to get closer to the emotion and thus feel it more strongly.

we haven't kept notes as to whether certain emotions are always in the same direction or not, but i don't think they are.

the desire to have long hair vs. the desire to be puffball

geologism (when you make up names for the cool rocks you find)

we're... very close to having a good amount of hot-weather clothes that we really enjoy wearing. like tbh we wanna find

  1. a pair of sandals that's casual but nice-ish (we currently only have a rather dressy pair and some croc-likes)
  2. a lightweight dress (we are very picky about dresses but Occasionally get in the mood)
  3. maybe another pair of shorts, but since we made two pairs we had fit better, we may end up not needing it

and like literally that's it! it's very exciting tbh

we've been getting a lot of sewing done recently :-D so many more of our clothes are wearable now!

chaotic jewelry (possibly irrecommended) 

what if you put through-hole electronics components in a piercing


sometimes ice pops just taste so colors

online shop link re: chewy necklace 

might get this one :bun_peek:

(if any of y'all have experience with this store feel free to comment)

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do any of y'all have a favorite way of sharing playlists besides spotify or youtube?

we'll probably end up just making a page on our website where we link to all the songs individually, but interested in hearing what other people enjoy

this is one of those mashups that we didn't think worked that well at first, but now we can't un-hear it (as in, we just tried listening to redesign your logo on its own and it sounded incomplete without all the vyzee sound effects)

baby shark (jaws version) 

looked up some different versions online, and one of them had "went to heaven" and then, making devil horns, "just kidding" as the last two verses and holy shit

another one ended with "reincarnation" and then cycling through the shark family again, which is a pretty neat way to end from a lyrical standpoint

for reference, this is the version we knew:

  • baby shark
  • mommy shark
  • daddy shark
  • grandma shark
  • grandpa shark
  • going swimming
  • see a shark
  • swim away
  • swimming faster
  • shark attack
  • lost an arm
  • lost a leg
  • call an ambulance
  • CPR
  • it's not working
  • didn't make it
  • going to heaven
  • that's the end
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