you ever have a dream where you get to have a chat with a sourcemate who you loved and then they say they miss you and then you wake up feeling melancholy?

You know, playing favorites with your headmates may not be the best thing in the world, but we all have unanimously agreed that Rachel is our favorite.

Rachel: *is a grouchy dog girl who's bad with people*
Everyone else: SHE JUST LIKE ME FR

dating a sourcemate that you platonically hate in canon is really funny

art is a conversation, copyright is theft, we are all owed equal voices in the canons of our culture

being a symptom holder and getting to have a day where you can just chill rocks actually

the pure unadulter8ted fictive euphoria of seeing art of you with your 8ody's 8ody type... anyway completely unrel8ted shoutout to tum8lr user girlpillz

i used to like- keep a public card about our system and let singlets follow me on simply plural and stuff but like- I kinda realized i just don't wanna share that info with people, it's not really anyone else's business, so i stopped. I'm kinda proud of myself for realizing when i was sharing more than i was comfortable with tbh

alter fusion stuff 

our system has decided we wanna try consolidating our members a bit and one of the ideas that was floated was "what if we figure out everyone that's a vriska and combine them with vriska to build one mega-vriska" because we realized that skitter was one


Depression just- really messes with my front huh. I like- don't feel like I'm anybody in the system really? I feel like I don't even have the energy to bother identifying myself

yo whaddup, we're trying to escape birdapp, hit us up, we need people to follow

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