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that one post that’s like “I have symptoms disorder” “you’ve been diagnosed with problems syndrome” is my whole experience being plural

it’s weird that we developed a new system member after a while of not having a new one and she just. Took it well, aside from freaking out a little bit over her media we were listening to but it was. Weird. “It’s home,” she says. yeah she’s lonely but this “feels right” and it’s weird but she fits in (it’s lup from taz and it’s... bizarre for her bc she just showed up In a bout of dissociation while we were relistening to the stolen century arc. she’s doin ok but also... just feeling weird)

y does only one pet name bother me??? it’s very specifically “baby” being used as a pet name that weirds me out. What’s up with that. I’m fine with “babe” and variants but not ‘baby’

wondering if I’ve got an eating disorder 🤔

How do I tell my therapist I need a professional diagnosis

cunnilinguistics has three major subfields: sementics, clitical theory, and anal-ysis

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I rly have not been doing good today. I’d go into detail but I think i’d start crying again and I don’t wanna do that rn

sometimes it just hits u u know? u sit in bed tryin to remember what ur bedtime routine is and then u realize ur devoid of life and go: “wow. I have depression. I really do!”

idk why my jaw and lower back hurt so much today :')

ah my trauma has gotten to me again I see. I’m okay now don’t worry! I talked it out with my wife

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and i dont like that this is how our brain works, and we're working on it, but it just feels like we're getting shoved back into a routine of "not being good enough." -Moon

i also dont like how this is the only place we can feel safe to vent without our gf(s) seeing our inner thoughts. thats not how a relationship should work.

i get that being in a polyam relationship can be frustrating and people can be/can get jealous, but it has consistently felt like saff has just taken over our girlfriend, collectively. it doesn't seem fair to me that she gets reign over things in a mundane server we kind of made just to keep someone out of our readings and shit. and the only person above her is dhu, who knows how we feel about being "infantalized" or given less necessity than we're worth. its a part of our trauma, which is stupid, but that's how our brain functions.

also? i love saff, i really do, but she seems to get "higher ranking" over avi or whatever. and its stupid. -

maybe its just me but if you make a server to read scps in for fun because we need a different server for it, you dont need an 18+/nsfw channel. i get its for [redacted] to "post nsfw emojis" but.... if we have a channel for that its excluding people who are there for what the server is specifically for. anyway.

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