So! Its huh? Have a live performance/recording of my next upcoming album, written entirely on 2 grooveboxes and infused with goodness!

Support a girl maybe? today is the day of trans-ness after all, right?

(normally this would be posted from @eclectic but that server is down)

ADHD, meds, looking for resources 

We recently got prescribed Concerta, today was the first day on the drug.

A lot of what we know comes from an abusive source that was malicious in nature (from childhood), so I wanna learn more about it.

Anyone have good resources or maybe know someone who's ADHD and on stimulant medications? It's next to impossible to find information that's geared towards an adult or individual instead of a parent (and tuned to make the drug scary). A lot of what's out there is really "ADHD drugs are scary and bad and your a bad parent if your kid needs them", none of which applies to us.

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Meds+ ADHD+ 

I got prescribed concerta today so that's really cool

I think it's gonna be really useful for me in the long run, I think it'll really help

I'm still really scared of them from back in the day and the abuse, but like... I think it's gonna be okay and I'm gonna start tomorrow

We want more queer stickers and pins and shit

Any recommendations? Bonus appoints if there's also pins about disability shit!

I feel like this is too Canadian for like 90% of the fediverse

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The positive? Arrogant Worms Live in Concert

The negative? It's in a church.

I feel... Weird.

k i lied, it was more than just 2 limiters, i think i was up to 4 by the end of the project but still

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muahahaha i love being able to just magically make someone song just... sound better and more clean

just with 2 multiband compressors, a glue comp, and 2 limiters

- ari

Aaaand this is why we maintain an alt on the fedi...

Because single point of failures aren't good lol

When ari's account on comes back online were hella gonna post about this account for a while

Holy wow I'm my birth mums only bio kid

Wow holy what?

Omg noooo is down?

But that's where ari lives, now she's here

Mh-, sh mention, its time i look into OSDD/DID 

Well... I haven't really been around for a while, been having a really really rough time with my mental health, and i really just didn't want the world to see any of that.

In some kinda scary news, i 100% need to talk to someone about OSDD/DID... Ive been noticing self harm marks on me that i do *not* remember doing. Looks like ive been disassociating into the void hard enough lately to be doing things I dont wanna do...

Its time i talk to a doctor/therapist about all this, because i dont want that to continue...

queer shitpost 

Pride rules according to my cat:

You cannot be gay if you not soff

This kitty is inclined to agree :3

*angrily curls up on the couch*

Kitty has to go places and do stuff tonight cus ari is too tired to do it

Thats not curling up in a soft pile and napping

Thats like the opposite of napping.

I dont like it

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