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hi, we're the owls! the replies to this toot are gonna be introductions by each headmate whenever they have the time so you can get to know us better!

our neighbor has been chopping down a tree for the past like three hours and i have an important in-class assignment in a couple minutes. grrr

our sleep schedule is getting so bad hhhh. so is our mental health which is! probably related!

cherries in bloom
winter's end
even among the stars

we say "we're going to fix our sleep schedule!" and then go to bed at 2am bc we lost track of time playing minecraft

🌸 basket: tempted to buy a smart watch bc i've noticed that even with our phone right there it takes some executive function to just. pick it up, turn it on, go to an app, to set a reminder or something. also we've heard tiimo is very good to use with one. but also. Expensive

🌸 basket: whew last night was a lot huh. we're... figuring things out. :chick_aww_worried:​

long, trauma mention 

🧸 gatekeeper: just so you know. i'm technically a syskid but i'm not, like, mentally. the only reason i don't sign with a name or a unique emoji or whatever is because random people on the internet don't need to know about me or my life, which coincidentally lines up exactly with some of the worst times of the body's life that no one but me wants to remember.

i don't need to give a reason because random people on the internet shouldn't need a reason to respect privacy but, i don't know. a part of me wants to say something. i don't want people like me to feel alone.

maybe i'll write something else later. for now i need to go take care of the body since basket fucked off somewhere.

syskid swearing 

🧸 gatekeeper: basket got stressed and ran off and now /i'm/ fronting? what the fuck. i rarely front and they left me with their feelings of rage and sad and now i have to deal with this?

where the fuck is this anger gonna go now, huh? do i have a meltdown? it's already 80 fuckin degrees and that'd send me over the goddamn edge. where is everyone, is there really no one around!? jesus fucking christ.

we've been able to slowly recover by doing stuff like watching youtube and playing minecraft but ironically, the things that help us the most (art, coding) are also the things we have no energy for when we need it :')

probably bc they're things where u Create stuff urself. we've been playing minecraft modpacks mostly, with questlines to guide us, and there's no Content being made. idk. i feel like i need to write something abt how burnout works for us but im. too tired πŸ˜”

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🌸 basket: we haven't updated our neocities in so long :((( i've been in such a burnout for so long. but! schoolwork ends for us in just a few weeks! so we can recover then hopefully

hello here i am blessing you with the only important meme 🌻

the irony of tearing down an acre+ of trees to build a group of huge houses named "heritage" .... i hate it.

in this mountain village
on wind-barren meadows…
follows the moon

🌸 basket: i've been in such an artistic rut lately :( nothing i draw looks good enough and it doesnt feel natural anymore...

lotus pond
holding down the leaf
how delightful!

school, trauma mention 

us: oh yay we're entering our musical unit in film class :)! we can talk about musicals!!!
us, remembering the film we're watching to study musicals is the one movie we have trauma with: ah. nevermind.

lost in bamboo
the night turns long…
another door

🌸 basket: that evil penguin from wallace and gromit is the reason we have anxiety /j

🌸 basket: tried for an hour last night to root our old phone only to find out its apparently impossible to unlock the bootloader for that specific model πŸ˜­β€‹ well. time to find some other techy thing to mess around with.

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