Any other systems just several disaster enbies in a trench coat

@thenetwork the owl is a squishmallow, and the cow is from the same brand I think but not labeled as a squishmallow! They're both Extremely stimmy and soft!

Also: this beautiful baby boy we got from a claw machine!

Our new plushie will be here on Monday!! So excited!!

Got to Really open up to my therapist about being a system today. It was nice. She reacted pretty positively and congratulated me on my self-awareness.

I know it sounds silly but what's motivating us to clean our room is that we're ordering a new plushie we've been waiting a really long time for and we want the room to look nice for his arrival!

periodic reminder that stephen hawking was in favor of fully automated luxury gay space communism

@thenetwork Aww :( I'm sorry about that. My suggestion is to do whatever makes you happiest!

Elliot stayed at the front during the whole service, woot!

Alright it's time for Shabbat dinner. Elliot get to the front we have to be socially acceptable for awhile

Sometimes Sunny calls me dad inside our head and I cry a little............... I love her so much ..... babie.... -🌈

@thenetwork Same... Im especially wondering how people deal with halachic things while plural...

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