The entire system wants the same plushie and it's been out of stock for weeks :(

I'm so full of love and softness. My heart is made of cotton candy -🌈

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🌈 Anyway I did not finish a homework assignment because I didn't slot enough time for it and I am ashamed. :(

Wait of course it's possible for every alter to have horrible time management skills when we spend a good chunk of our time going "wait what year is it"

Is it possible for every single alter to have horrible time management because Wow

Somebody commented that I was eating my grapes nervously at dinner and I was actually dissociating so now I know what I look like while dissociating: nervous about grapes.

We're folding clothes for the first time in years!

Multiple mental health professionals have told the host that ey shows signs of OCD. This might explain why ey never throws anything away...

Thought I'd put this out here: I mod a plural-friendly Mined Craft server with a few systems in it if anyone is looking for somewhere to play!

👑 I'm not sure how old I am. I know I've developed a lot from who I was in my source material, but I still feel much younger than the body and host. And physically... Small.

I've replaced my carrd roster with a Google doc because it's easier to edit and format, it contains all the alters I can easily define!

🌈 Added a proper system roster to my about! It's a little hard when I can't even decide what my name is but there it is.

Also if anyone is on tumblr my main tumblr is roswellnm! (Not open about being a system there yet)

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