unix joke 

what did the kernel say to the media player when it tried to skip ahead in a streamed video?

"you've got some loff_t goals there"

machine learning hot take 

if your method couldn't be certified as a control system for a nuclear reactor it has no business making decision that endanger people's lives in any way

PSA: if you don't like that the firefox 89 tabs are much bigger than before, you can set browser.uidensity=1 in about:config, though that also makes the url input bar smaller. browser.proton.enabled=false reverts to the old style, except that menu items that had icons previously don't get them back.

more info at userchrome.org/firefox-89-styl

world needs to make more and better distinctions between self-names, friend-names, stranger-names, work-names, art-names, ...

when you compare a measuring device to a standard to correct measurement errors but you enter the wrong sign for the correction coefficient, does that mean you've floribrated your instrument? :dragnthinkhappy:

dragons sticking out their cute lil lickers

👅 if you agree

referring to the anxiety spiral-part of our mind as "mammal brain" from now on


in science "independent variables" are stars of fluctuating luminosity that have left their parent cluster

when you're so furry your fursona has a fursona, that's tail recursion

flash fiction? idk 

every night she looked into the universe, every night for many decades. every night she would see something, even when no one else could: a faint galaxy just on the edge of perception, a glimmer of the moon behind clouds, a single star piercing through, a meteor burning in the haze.

but the skies darkened as she aged. the galaxies she loved most were the first to go, the nebulae disappeared soon after, and over the years even the stars went out. one by one the sky dimmed, until there was no more to see.

when she had seen the last star vanish she went home, saddened and alone. her telescope, folded as she normally never would, was soon put away on a high shelf. out of reach of the cats' curiosity, and her own.

that night the mirror once more showed her the eyes she had been given by her mother, a deep black, a black almost as old as time itself.

she went without her telescope thereafter.


what do you call a device that emits short, intense bursts of fruit?

a strawboscope

having someone ask to talk to us about something and then put "talking to dragons" in the jitsi url is ... pretty nice :3

writing prompt 

there's a bird sitting in your window. it seems to be strangely unfazed by this.

writing prompt 

you have have found an object. after studying it for a while you conclude that it is marvelous for doing things, but absolutely terrible for doing things well.

it's overcast. it's raining. it has been raining for many hours. it's mostly quiet, except for a bit of wind and some birds--only occasionally a car passes by.

this is wonderful 💜

one of our claws broke off and left a "normal" fingernail thing, now everything feels wrong :/


accidentally cut into a finger with a claw, and immediately rubbed chili into the cut. very awake now

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if only we had retractable claws. that would reduce the numbers of daily mishaps quite a bit :ms_crossed_fingers_clw_v2:

why does mastodon not have an unlisted+local posting visibility built in, that would be so useful :(

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