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the current holiday, abuse 

happy mothers day, or as i like to call it, dunk on how you destroyed all that jar of ash's idea for you day

we don't know jack about what or how we should be cw-ing other than obvious subjects we will probably never post; please please please feel free to speak up if you need one on anything we post

borderline personality disorder - light discussion 

remembering an old lost bpd friend said there was at least a decent chance we (not knowing we were plural then) were also borderline and once again realising that. yep. still tick all the boxes

okay my conclusion is that thinking too hard about labels just makes me feel bad

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there are. apparently a lot of words i need to learn the meanings of huh

currently trying to figure out whether the persistent use of "i" for nonspecific statements from the collective (as opposed to from whoever's fronting) is a Meaningful Thing or just a symptom of larping as a singlet 70% of the time

god i have no idea what im doing actually

perfect storm of "how do you do an intro post if you barely know what you are" and "do i even want one of those though"

oh well

(the notes bit was mostly written for singlets we dont mind questions but explaining the core basics of plurality gives us a headache)

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