i need more clothes and alsothe ice hockey match today was great

- Nori

would anyone be interested in a system discord server for all types of systems? i have struggled to find one.

- Nori

what's up with the blurriness lately??? seems there's no trigger

- blur

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insteed of goin to bed i listen to hardbass full vol from my stereos

- Ryou

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Systems who : Plural Café (plural.cafe) is an instance where collectives of all stripes can express themselves and get to know each other.

Please note that we don’t criticize origins or question legitimacy. Endogenic, traumagenic, quoi-genic, mixed-origin, median, diagnosed, self-diagnosed, and questioning multiples are welcome. 😊☕️

i'm afraid of posting too much but also want to constantly post.
- Nori (+?)

greg ayres looked me in the eyes in full Jevil cosplay and talked about how trans cosplayers deserve respect.

does anyone know other websites for systems? (tumblr i know)

-Nori ( + ?)

Take care of yourself so you can keep being awesome.

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good morning it is i, a big heckin question mark

- ?

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welcome @psykes they're my best friend, singlet and incredibly supportive and want to learn whatever they can about systems!!

anyways so sometimes I draw and you guys should follow our art tunglr coffeehedonist.tumblr.com and our art insta, we're (@)coffeehedonistic on there lol. Have a Saki, I wanted to draw her ever since Spell watched zls lmao

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