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mastodon administration, request for help 

Does anyone here run Mastodon 2.9 on Alpine or another system using musl as libc? I'm unable to upgrade due to a weird error when something tries to require 'blurhash' and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this or knows what's up

work has been oh so rough on us all. we'll try to get to a point where we can be online more often!
- Nori


yea we plural, keep scrolling

so I'm guessing we're back to the plural scene? Lena fronted yesterday after a stressful situation.

- Nori

re: leaving instance, BPD 

i do not have any idea why Lena especially (she's the most defined identity) exists if it's just BPD identity disturbance. though i havent seen her around in a while, so...

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leaving instance, BPD 

hey again

i've decided to leave this instance and move to @nori
why? i no longer see myself as plural, as controversial as that is. it's not something you just 'no longer' do, but in lack if better words that's how i'll phrase it.
i believe what i'm experiencing is the identity disturbance in BPD, as i'm already being screened for BPD.

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bullshit levels are holding at 72%

(72%) ■■■■■■■□□□


nothing's been going well.

- Nori

i think me having a proper bpd meltdown like 5mins after speaks for itself

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question of the week: twisted persecutor forming or are these just intrusive thoughts?

i have been stuck in front for weeks i swear, w h y

- Nori

woop woop guess whose computer is in dire need of fixing
and i have stuff to do that requires a computer


i saw him today so nothing's ok


i love my QPP so much she's such a sweetheart and we spent the whole day together

- Nori

"there's something in you that being traumatized serves"
- my therapist
this has been stuck in my head, i can't figure out what part of me gets something out of this trauma
or b) maybe she's just not very understanding of trauma and why it forms
i'm so lost.

- Nori

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So, I'm supposed to do this thing, huh.

Hello, my name is Eve (she/her), and I am the frontman of our little band of four, Cadence. I'm a 28 year old trans woman, demisex, and I'm mostly interested in animation, video games (Indies for life), and both cute shit, and macabre shit. I also love synthwave and industrial music - Perturbator is my aesthetic -, chiptunes, and J-pop.

Unfortunately, due to the craptastic world we live in, roughly 95% of my Twitter feed is politics, and I have no doubt this feed is going to end up the same.

I'm sure the others will introduce themselves when they feel like it, but they're Avalon (she/her), Sage (they/them), and Sang (he/him).

It's always gonna be me posting, unless noted otherwise; they're not a fan of fronting.

It's nice to ... sort of meet y'all.

i've been trying to start lucid dreaming... i've almost learned how to, expect i cant remember my dreams unless they're trauma nightmares. :\

- Nori

a memory trigger, vent 

Well... Nori got a Kane's Soda Pop. She likes them, but forgot MY memory associated with them. And now I'm triggered out.

I remember the summer we drank Kane's with **** at the rock down the jogging path. It was my first time tasting a pop in my whole life. He was the first person in this world who knew about me outside our system.

I took another sip.
How bittersweet.
I think I'll finish this, it's not bad.

- Lena

nothing upsets me quite as much now as having a sickly, coarse voice for several weeks when i want to sing. and yes, i have seen a doctor, nothing but a basic flu that 'should pass'.... it hasn't lol.

- Nori

the lyrics to Miracle by Caravan Palace are actually super motivating. i wish more people would look further than the music video. (which is indeed NSFW)

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