work has been oh so rough on us all. we'll try to get to a point where we can be online more often!
- Nori


so I'm guessing we're back to the plural scene? Lena fronted yesterday after a stressful situation.

- Nori

re: leaving instance, BPD 

leaving instance, BPD 

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bullshit levels are holding at 72%

(72%) ■■■■■■■□□□


i think me having a proper bpd meltdown like 5mins after speaks for itself


i have been stuck in front for weeks i swear, w h y

- Nori

woop woop guess whose computer is in dire need of fixing
and i have stuff to do that requires a computer


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"there's something in you that being traumatized serves"
- my therapist
this has been stuck in my head, i can't figure out what part of me gets something out of this trauma
or b) maybe she's just not very understanding of trauma and why it forms
i'm so lost.

- Nori

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So, I'm supposed to do this thing, huh.

Hello, my name is Eve (she/her), and I am the frontman of our little band of four, Cadence. I'm a 28 year old trans woman, demisex, and I'm mostly interested in animation, video games (Indies for life), and both cute shit, and macabre shit. I also love synthwave and industrial music - Perturbator is my aesthetic -, chiptunes, and J-pop.

Unfortunately, due to the craptastic world we live in, roughly 95% of my Twitter feed is politics, and I have no doubt this feed is going to end up the same.

I'm sure the others will introduce themselves when they feel like it, but they're Avalon (she/her), Sage (they/them), and Sang (he/him).

It's always gonna be me posting, unless noted otherwise; they're not a fan of fronting.

It's nice to ... sort of meet y'all.

i've been trying to start lucid dreaming... i've almost learned how to, expect i cant remember my dreams unless they're trauma nightmares. :\

- Nori

a memory trigger, vent 

nothing upsets me quite as much now as having a sickly, coarse voice for several weeks when i want to sing. and yes, i have seen a doctor, nothing but a basic flu that 'should pass'.... it hasn't lol.

- Nori

the lyrics to Miracle by Caravan Palace are actually super motivating. i wish more people would look further than the music video. (which is indeed NSFW)

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