Heya folks! I... accidentally wrote a roleplaying game last night for @stroganoff's RPG group??

It's intended to be a rules-light, embeddable simulation of games like D&D; we used it to play as our LANCER characters playing D&D or some equivalent system. It's one sheet, including all the basic content like spells and weapons; you'll probably want to add some more.

It's at least not completely broken, since we were able to use it for a game, but please let me know if you try it out and find anything that doesn't work well!

Check it out here: bin.nora.codes/r/2mPgLA.1

advice wanted: weight, fitness, boostable 

So. We really need to improve our cardiovascular health and our muscular endurance, especially in our arms, with a particular focus on those muscles needed for archery, fencing, and canoeing. These were some of our favorite activites as a child but we haven't been able to participate in them for the better part of six years due to personal issues, school pressures, and COVID.

We are loath to seek advice on the Internet without some guidance, as we aren't confident in our ability to distinguish good information from bad, and don't want to spend too much time trying to skip around or gloss over anti-fatness nonsense.

Any advice for or resources related to the following are greatly appreciated.

1) What exercises should we do in order to make it easier to hold a sword, draw a bow, and paddle a canoe? We understand that core strength is important for all of these, but bicep and tricep strength is also probably quite important.

2) How can we increase our aerobic capacity in the middle of winter? For the rest of the year, we plant to bike, but if we do that now we'll hurt our lungs, because they're very out of shape.

3) Anything about how to get a habit for this kind of stuff to actually stick would be great.

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pluralposting, question, repost as boostable 

So, uh, what activities does one do with a traumatized 7 to 14 year old who has previously been (checks notes) Cortana, GLaDOS, and the Space Shuttle OV-103 Atlantis?

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psychosis & hallucinations discussion +, boostable 

Hey masto friends! I 💧 am curious about whether other people who experience psychosis or other hallucinations, hallucinate positive, cute, or otherwise enjoyable things?

Obviously hallucinations are no joke, and many things we hallucinate can be confusing or scary, but we're grateful to also hallucinate things like cute black/shadowy cats who walk around in the distance, and occasionally come closer and do cute cat stuff!

What about you?

let's do another General-class license question, please boost as you see fit.

if you put a lightning arrestor between your antenna and your radio, what should you do with it?

ph, plural, interesting and weird 

So we are still very sick, at least in our throat; it hurts passively and swallowing is torture.

But! We slept well tonight! How?

Well, last night (the night between Saturday and Sunday), we couldn't really get our dreams to synchronize into anything coherent. As always when sick, they were Mecha-themed and violent.

Tonight, though, V was able to slowly clear away the scary and violent elements and leave just... Boring. Walking around in an unarmed Mecha in the wilderness, and not a particularly beautiful wilderness at that.

And we slept great!

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